Dofus: Professions Learning And Function

Professions are a good way to get kamas (the money used in the world of DOFUS), especially for novices. Professions in DOFUS are split into two categories: harvesting and crafting.


Harvesting professions let you collect raw materials in the World of Twelve. For example, a lumberjack chops wood and a farmer reaps cereals. To harvest a resource, you don’t need any special tools. Simply touch the resource you want to collect (here for example, wheat) and, if necessary, select the appropriate action (reap for a farmer, chop for a lumberjack…).
Nonetheless, these professions include a little bit of crafting (which consists of crafting new items from resources). For example, a lumberjack can make planks, and a farmer can prepare flour. To do so, go to your profession’s workshop and interact with the corresponding machine (for example, the Farmers’ Workshop).

You’ll find your recipes under the “Professions” tab, by touching the profession that you’re interested in. These professions cost nothing – besides patience – to take up, and the resources collected are very useful for other professions, so they’re easy to sell! Which is ideal for a novice character.


Crafting professions allow you to create items. For example, tailors can craft various cloaks and headgear! These professions require greater investment to progress, in time as well as kamas, but they allow you to create more powerful items over time. Just as for harvesting professions, you’ll need to look up your recipes under the “Professions” tab.
To craft an item, go to your workshop and follow the recipe!


To learn a profession, talk to the corresponding NPC, who will start your training. Here are the positions where you can learn the various professions:

Farmer: [7,-25]; [5,6]; [3,3] in Incarnam

Baker: [2,-16]; [3,0]

Lumberjack: [4, 8]; [1, -25]; [3,3] in Incarnam

Miner: [1,-20]; [-2,-3]

Hunter: [1, 18]; [2, -24]

Butcher: [0, -15]; [-29,-32]

Fisherman: [9,0]; [1,-17]; [3,3] in Incarnam

Fishmonger: [2, -17]; [14, 26]

Alchemist: [5,-20] (quest); [3,3] in Incarnam

Handyman: [-27,-59]; [-28,35]

Jeweller: [0,2]; [5,-16]

Shoemaker: [5,1]

Tailor: own a Tailor’s Manual

Carver: [3,-20]; [3,12]

Blacksmith: [6,-18]; [-1,2]

Shield Smith: [26, -35]

Get ready, there’s work to be done!

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Special Skills In Revelation Online

Special Skills are extremely important within the world of Revelation Online for people who strive to reach the top. These skills can turn the tables on the Battleground and can prevent wipes within Dungeons. Special Skills also increase your Might Rating which if you end up in the top 10 leader board for Might Rating you will be able to receive a title and a class costume!

Revelation Online
Special Skill Pages

There are 2 types of different pages which you can use for Special Skills:

● Special Skill Pages
● Special Skill – Broken Seals

You can obtain Special Skill Pages by doing daily quests which you can find in your daily menu by pressing ‘U’. Some faction quests also offer you a chance to obtain these pages. You can also purchase pages from the Volopine Cita Ceres which runs the Faery Agency Outer Base Shop and from the Ausgyth shop as well.

To obtain Special Skill – Broken Seal pages you can also visit the same Volopine as you would do for Special Skill pages.
Levelling Skills

You can level up your Special Skills by using Dao and Sigils. There are 3 types of Dao within the game:

● Sidus Dao (Level 1 Enlightenment)
● Demonic Dao (Level 2 Enlightenment)
● Divine Dao (Level 3 Enlightenment)

The amount required for each skill is dependant on the skill grade. If you have a 1-star skill it will only take a small amount compared to a 3-star skill.

Sigils are used to unlock paths within the Dao Tree faster.

● Sidus Sigil (1-2 star skills only)
● Demonic Sigil (2-3 star skills only)
● Divine Sigil (3 star skills only)

For every Special Skill, there is Enlightenment and Paths within the Dao Tree. Enlightenment can only be used if you unlock the Dao Tree Path. The Dao Tree Paths are directly related to your Character Path and currently there are only 10 paths within the tree.

There are also 4 different Enlightenments with different effects for each one:

● Red – Star Enlightenment allows you to increase overall power.
● Orange – Beast Enlightenment allows you to reduce Special Skill costs.
● Blue – Beast Enlightenment allows you to reduce cooldowns.
● Green – Star Enlightenment has various effects.

You can reform your special skill enlightenment’s by selecting ‘Reform Dao’ and you can return all Daos that you have invested in the Dao Tree by clicking on Return Scroll. When using Return Scroll you will need to visit the Imperial City Advanced Grocer Borfen Non to purchase special Removal Sigils dependant on what you used to unlock the paths in the beginning.

Your special skills will give you significant boosts to your damage and defence and it’s worth spending the time gathering these skills and upgrading them as they will help you through your journey to greatness within the world of Nuanor!

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NFL 18: Summary of Current News

It’s almost season! As we get our pre-season grind in on Madden 17, we patiently wait for the up and coming new edition of Madden.

As we wait for what has been dubbed by EA as the most innovative “Madden” games in over 10 years, we are seeing just exactly how many new features we are getting. We know this will be most likely the best-looking Madden title yet, as well as countless new ways to play.

NFL 18
Graphical Enhancement
If you already are not familiar with the new engine that EA is giving to Madden this year, then you should know it will be running on DICE’s popular “Frostbite” engine. This engine has been used heavily in EA and DICE’s “Battlefield” series, and as sports titles, it was recently adopted by the “FIFA” franchise. This is a great step in building a better Madden.

Personally though, I don’t think that the visual side of Madden has been its biggest issues, but it has definitely had its times. We’ve seen a semi-steady increase in the graphics over the years, but the progression has been rather slow. By now, we should have seen certain issues be fixed years ago, but somehow, gets by every installment.

A few downsides always in each installment seems to be the stadiums themselves and the AI audience. With the teaser trailer, we see that the stadium issue is fixed with flying colors and it seems that the audience will explode with realism as well. All in all, this well help the playing experience.

The Coaching Factor
While little is known about the subject, we have been teased about certain coaching options may change/enhance the playing experience as well. Adding new coaching options to the game increase the depth of the title as well. This will most likely give new options for players regarding their squad on the field, substitution changes, and on-the-fly thinking.

Target Passing System
Finally! No longer do you have to pass to the open receiver, as now Madden has added a new target passing system. This will give the player much more control over what happens, such as risking difficult passes for big rewards, or slowing things down and making the simple pass. It’s all up to you with this new system, which should have been implemented three+ years ago.

Passing was one of the biggest issues I’ve had with Madden. There needs to be a fine balance between passing and running the ball, and Madden hasn’t seemed to hit that yet. Hopefully, with the new installment will come a better balance than before. One can only hope that EA finally synchronizes the two and the new passing system is a giant step forward.

If playing AI, story mode, or career mode isn’t your thing, then you are probably wondering what’s going to be new to the multiplayer? Well, it’s seeming like it’s not all too much. Of course, one of EA’s most popular mode, Ultimate Team will be making a reappearance. Now, one thing is for sure to be new is the roster, and additions of the G.O.A.T players, coinciding alongside the special edition of this year’s title. Another popular mode, franchise mode, will be coming back as well.

All in all, this year’s Madden is shaping up to be the best. It will officially release on August 25th for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, sorry Nintendo. However, currently, it does not mean that these will be the only platforms supporting the title as E3 will surely give us answers and more info on Madden NFL 18, until then stay tuned!

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How to Save Money in NBA Live Mobile

Forget spending real money and enjoy unlimited features of the nba live mobile trick. You can easily upgrade your gaming account from time to time.

Most people are aware that the National Basketball Association Live Mobile stimulates the experience of the National Basketball Association. The game is undoubtedly enjoyable game. This is especially applicable when you have lots of VC in your account. These will act as great resources for you to advance to next levels and unlock several interesting features of the game. However, in order to add more VC to your account, you need to spend real money, which is often not possible. It is here that the nba live mobile cheats comes into play.

NBA Live Mobile
How To Use The Trick?
If you make up your mind to use the tricking tool, you can easily get started with it. The nba live mobile guides will open the possibility of unrestricted caps and lunchboxes. Therefore, the game will become more interesting and fascinating to you. The guides are programmed in such a way so that it will assist you to generate the sources of the rip offs in the game. These can be created quite rapidly, and you will not have any problem. In most cases, you will have to download a tool so that it can generate guide codes for you in unlimited quantity. You will even not have to spend any penny in order to add to your account.

Is The Product For Everyone?
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, this tool is designed for everyone. Regardless the level of the game you are in, you can use the guide codes for getting nba live mobile free vc. This in turn will enable you to advance into the next levels of the game. You can generate unlimited resources, and you can use them, as and when you want them in the game. Moreover, it is even ideal for any device and any platform, due to which you will not face any kinds of interruptions in the course of playing the game.

How Safe It Is?
The tool is designed to be 100% safe, and this is one of the major reasons for which more or less every player is using it. Make sure that you research carefully and get the tool from an authentic source. The tool is programmed efficiently so that it will work as soon as you follow the instructions. These instructions are not difficult to follow. Even if, you are using it for the first time, you can easily get an idea of how to play nba live mobile. It is user friendly and highly interactive in nature. This can indeed be great.

Will It Take A Long Time?
The best thing about the tool is that it will not take a long time for you to add unlimited credit to your gaming account. Moreover, it is 100% undetectable because they are always up to date. Hence, the question of getting your account banned does not come at all. These guides and tricks are constantly updated so that you can enjoy unlimited features of the game. is an international-leading NBA Live Mobile Coins provider. we have cheap NBA Live Coins For Sale, you can buy form us and choose to play at any league as you want. We have NBA Live Coins for all platforms.

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Madden 18 Tactics: Best Running and Passing Money Plays

Madden NFL features a mind-boggling number of different plays to choose from, and Madden 18 is no different. Every team has its own playbook, and there are a number of generic playbooks to choose from as well. For a newcomer, the choices can be overwhelming.

The plays below are for the newcomers struggling to put together a coherent offense with minimal adjustments. Each one has an array of options and will almost always net you 10 to 15 yards – perfect if you need a first down in a pinch. Some of these plays have been a core part of my playbook over the course of multiple Maddens and continue to serve me well even now.

Madden 18

Divide Wheel (Empty Bunch)
Though it lacks a really solid running play, Empty Bunch still features a variety of fearsome plays, none better than Divide Wheel. Your first read should be the receiver on the out route. If that route is unavailable, check the tight end crossing to the deep middle. If none of those routes are available, then the second receiver coming across from the left will be open underneath. Divide Wheel is a great money play that beats both man and zone. You can find it in the Vikings playbook.

Madden 18

Four Verticals (Gun 5WR Trio)
Four verticals has been one of Madden’s most powerful plays for several years running, and Madden 18 is no different. 5WR Trio works especially well because it puts a receiver in the seam, where they are well-positioned to beat the defense. If they’re covered, then the slot receiver on the left will almost always be open. Keep an eye on the safeties as well: If they get too focused on stopping the routes in the middle, you may be able to hit a receiver deep for a touchdown. You can find 5WR Trio in the Bears playbook.

Madden 18

Pats Slant (Trips TE)
A funky play that works very nicely in the redzone. If they are playing man coverage, the tight end will be wide open off the slant corner. If they are playing zone, you can hit one of the two receivers running a slant in the soft part of the zone, or look to the receiver moving into the flat. You have to make your reads quickly, but all four receivers have a pretty good chance of getting open for a big gain. You can find Trips TE in the Patriots playbook

Madden 18

Cross (Tight Flex)
Not as lethal as in previous years, but still very good. The tight end and receiver on your right should be your first read, followed by the triangle/Y receiver crossing underneath. If you sense a pass rush coming, look to your running back out of the back field. If you have a really good receiver on the far left, they will almost always get open versus man coverage. Against a Cover 1 defense, the tight end can potentially take their catch all the way to house. You can find the Tight Flex formation in the Tampa Bay playbook.

Madden 18

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NBA 2K18: How To Choose Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Coins Store

No matter you are will be a NBA 2K18 player or other NBA game player, every player wants to have an elite player in the game, so many NBA 2K players want to know how to level up fast. However, they don’t want to waste all time on boring farming, so they would like to choose someone to do it for them. They think they can’t spend their dear time which can be used to make real money, on the time-wasting power leveling. They are more willing to buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT services from online websites now. However, some players got banned for buying power leveling service. They have spent their hard earned money on a NBA MT site but get banned by 2K Sports.

How to choose a NBA 2K18 MT selling service? You should know the reason why they get banned is that they do not choose the right site, there are so many rip-off and scam websites which power leveling relying on botting, so you may get banned easily. Here I will introduce some tips and tricks about how to buy safe and cheap NBA 2K18 MT online:

NBA 2K18

Firstly, the site will refund you if your account get banned for NBA 2K18 MT.

Secondly, make sure that all power leveling in the site should be handled manually, by real players who are experienced gamers.

Thirdly, they should never use bot, which can get your account banned.

Fourthly, they should loot and keep everything that they might.

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NBA 2K18: Gamer’s Expectation For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is one of the favortie platforms of many game fans which has more sales than Xbox One and has never disappointed fans because they can always find whatever they want on it.recently, there is a hot disscussion about whether NBA 2K18 will be added in Nintendo Switch or not.NBA 2K18 is virtual electronic basketball game and has already created a huge community Although so far, the official has not released a list of specific games to be added to the platform,fans hope that the below games can be choosed.

NBA 2K18

Discounting other games, it is the inclusion of NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch that has made the launch more interesting. Although Nintendo had not announced the release dates until recently during the last press conference, it has been stated that games will be out in the UK on March 3rd and will be introduced to Nintendo consoles by September.

NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch will have improved graphics and sound effects. This time, great attention was given to the court layout to give an authentic and exciting gaming experience. With Nintendo switch being the highest rated console gaming platform of the current generation, audiences can expect many interesting features this time.

When you start playing, you will be required to create an account with MY PLAYER. You can then start building your team by picking your choice of players. You will have complete control over your MYTEAM, and to strengthen it you can put your team up for challenges with teams from around the world. Creating your dream team with NBA 2018, you can have an excellent career in basketball gaming. You can also build your all-star basketball team by using different card types. With MYleague and MyGM, you can head the entire league and franchise in NBA2018. These are just a few of the features. Nintendo switch will be revealing more features soon.

NBA 2018 was previously released on Wii and Wii U in 2012, so this is the franchise’s first time with Nintendo Switch. Jason Argent, the SVP of Basketball operations, has said that NBA 2018 will gradually be released onto many platforms. The addition of NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch will be expected to draw more audiences to the franchise. Although there has been no official statement on the latest entry of the game, audiences will be updated very soon.

Since the game is set to be released in September on all platforms, you may expect it to be available on android and iOS as well. However, the game is still days away from getting released and there is enough reason to be skeptical. The players can only hope that NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch will be worth playing and is better developed than its kin on other platforms.

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Analyzing 3-4-1-2 Formation in FIFA 17

3-4-1-2 Formation


3-4-1-2 Description:
The first of the FIFA 17 Formations is the 3-4-1-2. This is particularly attacking, with 5 midfielders and 2 ST’s you’re sure to create plenty of chances going forward but could suffer defensively. It’s wise to invest in a decent CAM as this player will be the main source of supply for your ST partnership. It’s also important that he has decent shooting stats as when your ST’s create space (by making runs) this will create opportunities for him to toggle forward, get a shot off and hopefully test the keeper. With this formation your ST’s should get good service, but don’t forget this extra player (CAM) will leave you exposed at the back.

We’ve noticed many FUTers frequently making use of the wings in order to get crosses in, which can be a problem for any formation with 3 at the back as the 3 CB’s will be more compact than those using LB’s and RB’s. However, there are a few ways this can be covered… By making sure your LM and RM have at least medium defensive work rates they will fulfill their defensive responsibilities by helping the 2 wider CB’s stop attacks up the flanks. Another way in which this potential issue can be diluted is to make sure your CB’s are fairly quick (especially the 2 wider CB’s). This is so they can get out wide to the opponents as quickly as possible in order to close them down, pressure them in to making mistakes and ultimately make them lose possession or fail to deliver a dangerous cross.

3-4-1-2 Advantages
Creates lots of chances going forward
Great for leagues/nations with plenty of good midfielders
Great for leagues/nations without decent/affordable LB’s and RB’s
Works well on the counter attack (especially if the 2 ST’s can hold up the ball well)

3-4-1-2 Disadvantages
Susceptible to counter attacks (particularly from wide positions)
No CDM’s and only 3 CB’s can invite pressure
LM and RM must get forward to support attacks AND get back due to no LB’s or RB’s (think about work rates)
Usually difficult/expensive to find a combination of 3 quick CB’s in a particular league/nation (remember hybrid squads are always an option)

Final Notes: As there are no CDM’s to cover the 3 CB’s, we recommend purchasing CM’s with high defensive work rates so they can fill the gap between the defence and midfield when necessary.

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NBA 2K17 VC: Earning 500K Within 5 Hours

The NBA 2k17 patch is known as flaws in the previous introduction, with those flaws, players can earn virtual currency in the game, we can simpfy it “VC”. Do you know how to earn “VC” and buy cheap NBA 2K MT at the best time in the game?

Although No one can guarantee that you can get virtual currency every time, there is still a possibility for all players. In case of happening, enough virtual currency are always prepared  while playing trick in NBA 2K17. now, it’s time for you to decide whether to buy the cheap NBA 2k17 coins or not.

NBA 2K17

However, the updated version of NBA 2K17 is not yet as perfect as its developers have hoped. While the update did patch certain holes from the game, it also opened new ones which players can take exploit and reap on its benefits.

Do note that the existing exploit can be considered too tedious even for serious gamers and something only dedicated players can follow through. Nevertheless, here is how a player can get 500,000 virtual coins within just 5 hours of play.

First thing to consider is progressing into the MyCareer Mode in order to gain access to certain contracts. However, the trick to getting virtual coins is not on unlocking active contracts but on signing on them for endorsement.

Contracts may vary across popular brands such as Spalding, Gatorade, KIA, Foot Locker, Jordan, Stance, Kissot and even 2K. In the video presented below from YouTube as uploaded by user GeeSice, it was shown how he scheduled an endorsement and how he attended on it. Likewise, players are mandated to attend every endorsement they had signed up for based on the game’s Calendar.

Fresh from finishing the endorsement event, players are then required to check their in-game smartphone and check on their inbox for messages. Reading and replying to every message in the inbox are critical steps before getting the wanted virtual coins. Players are expected to press the right button in this method in order to breeze through it. Having gone through the player’s inbox and having replied to every message, players are then given their wanted virtual coins that are at least 4000 in amount.

Although there are so many upgrades in NBA 2K17, some problems still existed. For example, After completing mending certain holes in the game, a new hole raised in a rapid speed. it just make a circulation that players gain benefit from it while mending the hole.

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Never Neglecting Three Details When Playing NBA Live Mobile Game

NBA Live Mobile has created a big community among young people. It’s quite difficult for one to beat countless opponent and be top-gamer without some private tactics. Many gamers have keep their eye on several important modes because they can earn coins from them. They just study hard which tactic they should use in this mode and which in another mode. But, they never pay attention to small details. In their opinion, it’s not worth for them to note those details. Definitely, they have made a serious mistake and here we will let them know how they suffer big loss if they neglect small details.


How to Get Started – Just like other mobile gaming apps, you are required to go through the installation process and follow the instructions carefully. Work on the settings like age, favorite team, username and login preference in the right manner. When you are done with these settings, you will go through a detailed tutorial which will teach you about shoot, pass and other basic aspects associated with the game. In the tutorial, you will be given instructions regarding how to use the app and then you are ready to play. Starting process is not complicated at all and you will have a perfect and amazing basketball in your own smartphone in just a few moments.

A Quick Look At Gameplay – NBA Live Mobile gameplay is quite similar to Madden NFL Mobile. Here we would not like to focus on latest ins and outs but discuss the best possible way to build your dynasty. In the game, you are allowed to enjoy four modes which include head to head, live events, season and leagues. In order to take part in these modes and win the game, you are asked to build a strong team. In starting, you are served with a pack of players. These players are automatically divided into different groups or lineups on the basis of their skills. Before playing the game, you need to select players from each lineup and try to achieve the presented challenge. On buying a new player card, the purchased player will be added to the appropriate lineup.

Controls – Controls are a short aspect of discussion and we would like to go through it quickly. In the game at the bottom left, you are served with a joystick in order to control the player. Just check on the right, the joystick is divided into two categories, offense, and defense. In the offense, you are required to deal with the pass, sprint, and shoot. In the defense, there are basically two controls guard and block. In order to know all the controls deeply, just go through quality online tutorials and enrich your knowledge.

Except for the three details,  gamers must be very careful in every process in the game. It’s difficult for gamers to make coins but easy to loss them. Without enough coins, one can’t buy desired player. No one want to spend real money buying what they need in store. So if you want to win games and earn coins, starting from completing small details.

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