Making the Best Possible Gear Set in Maplestory 2 is Important

Pick the right MS2 Class for you, therefore we have made this Maplestory 2 Gear Guide to answer any of your questions and help you through the rather complex Maplestory 2 Gear system. Heavy Gunner is viable for any dungeon and clearing content is pretty fun because of the explosive skills. Heavy Gunners are arguably one of highest damage dealing Maplestory 2 Class currently. Overall, the folks at Nexon seem pretty pleased with the game’s performance so far, but they’re not resting on their laurels, and players can expect some updates in the near future.

The chart for the game is obviously not indicative of everyone playing the game, but it attracted solid numbers with more than 26,000 playing at launch. Music alongside Fishing is also a great way of gaining experience in MS2. Grab a couple of auto vouchers and go afk. when you are around level 47-49, you have the option to go back and clear dungeons for rewards and completing trophies before you hit level 50.

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

End-game Gear
Low Level Gear
Gear from Normal Dungeons
Gear from Hard Dungeons
Basic Maplestory 2 Gear Information

Heavy Gunners can be built two ways: Critical Rate or Dexterity. We recommend placing all your points into Dexterity because it makes your overall DPS consistent. In order to rectify the situation, the devs are adding all outfits that Dismantle for one Style Coin to the Premium Shop, and in addition, they’re adding all outfit items that Dismantle for 3 Style Coins. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of MapleStory 2 Mesos for sale, you could call us at our own webpage.

Housing Experience Farming

What happened was that the reward for fully clearing the board one time was 15 MapleCoins, which was fine in and of itself, except that a trip around the board usually cost that much or less. The best and fastest way of gaining exp this way is to pick up and place down the same item over and over again until you notice there is no experience gained anymore. Every day you can get a certain amount of experience from placing down furniture in your House.

The weapon and suit give the most GS, but are the most expensive, and you may also have to enchant a few items to meet the requirement. The second option is to go straight to the 2100 GS hard dungeons, but you will need at least one epic gear.

The easiest part of gearing up is while you’re leveling up because you will keep dropping good enough items that should last you for a couple levels until you can find another upgrade. For example if you have a lot of Critical Damage on gear it is usually better to go full Critical Rate in AP’s than Dex. Players who can’t wait to test their PvP skills have something to look forward to as well, as the team plans to update PvP gear and reactivate PvP in early December.

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Forza Horizon 4 Will be Full of Collectable Cars to Get Your Hands on

Forza Horizon 4 is latest addition to this iconic game franchise. Experience racing the historic locations scattered throughout Britain in this massive, open world game that you can explore by yourself or with friends. The new installment of the Forza Horizon franchise, with millions of fans around the world, returns on October 2nd with more strength and more news than ever before. One of the most interesting additions is the effect of so-called dynamic stations. Only 10 barns will now be revealed through regular means, by simply making progress through the campaign, and you should receive an alert for every 45 to 60 minutes of driving and racing.

Versions Of Forza Horizon 4

Seasons are a new addition with the fourth Horizon game, adding some new variety to the world as temperatures and weather shift from the icy grip of winter into spring, summer, and fall. As usual, there are hidden barns on the map which contains a classic car. To get yourself a sweet ride you will have to race and complete missions, just like before.

If you’re already a Game Pass subscriber, you gained access to Halo: The Master Chief Collection this month as well. Therefore, you gamers out there are going to have your work cut out for you when the October titles go live. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

Forza Horizon 4 (Launches October 2, 2018)
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Metro 2033 Redux
Westerado: Double Barreled
Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures
Shante: Half-Genie Hero

Forza Horizon 4 is exactly as fun as you’d expect. And it’s so beautiful that it will continue to shock you hours after you started playing it. Some of the locations available to drive across include the Glen Rannoch in the Perthshire Scottish Highlands towards the north of the map and Astmoor in Cheshire towards the south east. With over 450 cars available from 100 different manufacturers, custom user-created race routes, ranked races, and countless customization options, FH4 is the most feature rich Forza game yet.

Other versions of the game are also available, including the Deluxe Edition, which includes Forza Horizon 4: Car Pass and Forza Horizon 4: Formula Drift Car Pack. You’ll want to make your way up to higher elevation to find the barn, which is near a radio tower, and east of the hovercraft showcase event. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with Forza Horizon 4 Credits PC, you possibly can email us on our own page. This means you’ll have to choose a car to suit the terrain as you will be racing on dry, wet, muddy, snowy and icy conditions.

But the driving experience is, for the most part, unchanged from previous versions of Forza Horizon. You drive around, crashing into the lightly destructive environment as you do, taking on people in thrilling races. Forza Horizon 4’s new purchasable houses are also marked, alongside the new Horizon story-based questline missions.

Look for the barn shaded by the tree line. Here you’ll find a British-made classic that was last produced in 1980. Forza Horizon’s Britain is a place of incredible beauty and fun: rustic stone walls that tumble down as you plough through them with the world’s most elegant cars. Showcase events, for example will often have their vehicle and time-of-day changed, as well as the accompanying season and weather conditions.

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MapleStory 2 Has Finally Arrived in the Western Region for PC Via Steam

In the game, players will be able to build their own character and customize it with different gears, abilities, and cosmetics. you can build your own dream home with a variety of tools and fight many different enemies and bosses. All three of the elements have somewhat unique playstyles and abilities. Although arguably and situationally, some elements can be better than others.

Please take a moment to read of them, and understand what each skill does as positioning and skill movement is very important in this game. Before we continue let me note, that beta is by no means a representation of the final product. The game even tells you at the top of the screen while playing. With that that said let us now discuss, these our first impressions. The original MapleStory has taken up a lot of my time, some might say too much. The game’s adorable art style and flashy action combat made it very enticing.

Mining and Foraging / Collecting Herbs

Of course, you have to do it more frequency to collect better herbs and orbs but again, you can start and you dont need any tool or like, which makes it very easy from the first place to begin. One thing you can do from pretty much early on which can be useful later is beginning to mine for orbs and foraging/collecting herbs.

The World of MapleStory 2

The Maple OX Quiz is also one of the Mini games where you need to answer the questions presented before you. some of them are easy and some are hard so in this guide, you will find all the questions and answers. In the world of MapleStory 2, you would find many different adventures, dungeons, boss fights, and other joyful Mini-game activities. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use MapleStory 2 Currency, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. These are stats that every form of that equip of the same name will have. Some equips these stats fluctuate. some equips these stats are fixed.

We will get more into how that is later on in the skills portion but essentially Rune Balance allows us to gain a plethora of additional stats from putting points into strength. With your Rage Sword, you rotate like a top, which deals 122% Shadow damage to 8 enemies within 3m radius. If you enter a direction key, you can attack while moving.

Speaking of customization, there are tons of customization options in MS2. You can now not only make your character look awesome with cash shop items or ones found in game, but you can make your own designs to wear. The starting clothes are also cosmetic items that go over your actual gear so you won’t have to choose between your gear and your outfit and can rock your look all the way up to level cap if you so choose. Music is really a thing in Maplestory 2 since you can create your own.

Sigils are our life line to superior damage numbers and additional stats. It is our most important ability as it unlocks potential in our class that otherwise would not be there. Maple Story 2 has kept all the charm, cuteness and comedy of the original all while presenting the world of Maple to us from a different perspective.

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Ultimate Team in FIFA 19 is a Staple Feature for the Most of Game Fans

EA Sports has introduced a new addition to the online mode with Flashback cards, meaning some players will receive the same overall they had in previous titles. If you’ve played the mode across different instalments, you’ll have seen some players dwindle in their overall rating while others have started to take their place at the top. It’s also a great leveller when playing against a superior opponent, so it’s always useful to have a target man on the bench at least to come on and make the difference.

Target Man on FIFA 19

We’ve picked out 10 of the best FIFA 19 kits available, so even if you end up getting hammered on the pitch, you can at least hold your head high knowing you did it looking really, really good. Some people think FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team is all about building a squad full of world beaters. Though Dortmund chose against handing Bolt a professional contract, Central Coast Mariners stepped forward and invited him for trial. Bolt scored his first and second goals for A-League side in a friendly against Macarthur South West United.

While plenty of player ratings have been modified based on FUT suggestions by fans and the overall success each player had from last season, EA Sports have still managed to rate a few players pretty poorly. Captured via Instagram, the video shows Sancho absolutely school Raheem Sterling in a game of FIFA 19. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of Cheap FIFA 19 Coins, you could call us at our own web-page.

Sancho and Sterling would have been teammates if the former hadn’t rejected a contract from City. But international duty may start getting a bit awkward if this latest clip on Instagram is anything to go by. You can expect the developer to drop more over time, but FIFA fans already love the idea of these Flashback cards.

What Makes a Good Target Man on FIFA 19?

Getting on the end of crosses is their bread and butter, but they can also be used to feed their strike partner with knockdowns and flick-ons. We have compiled our list by looking at three key stats: finishing, heading accuracy and strength.

One thing which everyone would agree with is that he will be the fastest player in the game if he is included after all. And our source confirmed the same. In fact, back in September, Bolt’s FIFA 19 card was leaked online, sparking plenty of rumours. Guendouzi shined in his first few matches for the Gunners when he was expected to be left on the bench, and his driving runs from defensive midfield caught the eye of many. In FIFA 19, the forward has stats of 88 finishing, 87 heading accuracy and 94 strength to give him an 87 overall.

The scattering of polygons on the away kit looks nice, but it’s this lime green third kit with Seville’s most famous landmarks sketched on the front that’s the real winner. As of now, Premier League club Wolves’ Adama Traore is the fastest player in the game with his pace rated at 96. Considering all this and more, how he receives a 70 rating is confusing and is an area that the update needs to take a look at immediately.

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Forza Horizon 4 Features Numerous Skill Moves that Can be Completed by Performing Different Actions

According to a report by GamesIndustry, Forza Horizon 4 is the the fastest-selling game in the series so far in the UK. The game features upgraded visuals and a shared world for an even more community-focused experience. Playground Games’ newest entry in its open-world racing series takes to the Edinburgh countryside and all the rolling hills and winding roads contained therein.

Due to the competitive nature of Ranked, Forza Horizon 4 carries its ban hammer proudly to penalise quitters and trolls that directly affect the scores of others, be it for better or for worse. Screenshots shared by developers Playground Games leading up to the game’s release showed off some stunning visuals that players could expect to see in the full release. Forza Horizon 4 is the first game in the series to be set in the United Kingdom, home to developer Playground Games.

However, the catch is that these have to be the branches already placed on the ground in the game rather than ones you have knocked off a tree. On the other hand, and despite landing the second spot, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s sales are down by 26% compared to Origins. Indeed, Xbox tells us that Forza Horizon 4 is the fastest-selling game in the series in the UK so far.

Wonders in Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 doesn’t feature any microtransactions so you have to play it in order to earn cars. The game forgoes the Australian landscape and drops players in Britain. The world may be an approximation, but that doesn’t mean that Playground skimped on the authentic details. This has helped sell more Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, granting access to a large library of titles within Microsoft’s cloud gaming service. Playground Games environment artist Chris Trentham gave players the opportunity to see those comparisons in a series of tweets that included the side-by-side images.

Forza Horizon 4 is nothing short of fantastic. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use Forza Horizon 4 Credits, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. With a host of content, backed by a fantastic roster of cars that tread the fine line between arcade and simulation perfectly. All of the spots you can perform the Lumberjack skill are in forests, often covered in mud, so you’re going to need an AWD car rather than an RWD car.

Though the split between digital and physical isn’t known at this time for Odyssey, in Origin’s case, it was estimated to be 35% in digital for Origins. It’s not the only Forza game in the charts. Promotion of an Xbox One hardware bundle saw Forza Motorsport 5 re-enter the charts at No.12. Moving away from the architectural wonders in Forza Horizon 4, Trentham showed off some of the more open environments that included valleys, winding roads, and mountains. There’s a sound argument to be made that Playground Games have honed their craft to a near perfection.

Since you can fast travel to the location at any time, you’re only about 30 seconds away from the branches and there are a ton in the forest here. Chris Trentham, an environment artist at Playground, visited Edinburgh recently and took a number of photographs of locations built in the game. But FH4 has more to offer than mindless driving in an utterly gorgeous open world version of northern Britain.

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Strongest Career Analysis and Which Occupation is the Best in MapleStory M

The potential occupation means that the early stage is weak, and in the late stage, the double knives fully conform to this feature. In the early stage, due to the limitations of skills and attribute points, the strength of the double knives is still weak, and it is in the hang up and playing BOSS. There is no advantage to the other two professions. So the double-knife early stage has become a nightmare for many players.

After the double-knife arrived in the late stage, after learning the sudden attack, it was really starting to rise. The sudden attack skill was basically a full-screen attack, which also made the efficiency of the double-knife players come up at once, and used almost full-screen attack mode. The knife can find a safe place to hang up, which means that the defense is not enough, you can easily hang the mushroom city and the city of Lions. So this is what other two professions can’t do. The angel is still very strong in the early stage, but the early stage skin is relatively brittle, and may be slightly insufficient on the hook.

Best in MapleStory M

However, in the later stage, the angel’s tornado has a wide range of skills, and the attack power is very high. The multi-segment attack method can generally produce super high damage. Therefore, angels can be regarded as a profession with good potential in the later period.

In terms of career choices, many players only value the early stage strength, while some players value the potential. If you cherished this article and also you would like to obtain more info concerning Cheap Maple Story M Mesos generously visit our site. If it is potential, the double knife is definitely the most promising career. We saw the strongest professional recommendation. we don’t know if you have a choice. Of course, it is best to choose your favorite career.

Because the players automatically route through the path, the task quickly reaches level 60, but after 60th level, the problem is coming! How do we solve it? Almost many players should know that the Lv1 – 60 level is upgraded quickly through the mission, but the 60 level experience After 70%-61 experience value 70%, we can only blame. The most effective strategy for Korean players to date is to brush the copy. Although brushing the copy, there is very little experience, but this is the most effective method at present.

Players may feel that they only have 30 minutes to enter the copy only 30 minutes after entering the dungeon. It feels a little embarrassing. However, after entering the copy, the players do not need to spend, this 30 minutes. We play for a while, we feel very tired It doesn’t take time to re-enter the copy.

If the players are Lv 60 or higher, the equipment that should be used by everyone is Lv 54-58 level equipment, level 60 weapons, but in order to smoothly copy the copy, start equipment and weapon reinforcement. When you copy a copy, the player can get a lot of drugs, so we recommend that if the player feels that he has more drugs, sell it in the store, then, at the store, check out the other equipment you need.

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Player Ratings for the Soon to be Released Video Game FIFA 19 Have Been Leaked

EA Sports will officially release the latest installment in the FIFA game series, a date that would have been marked in the calendar of most keen football gamers for the past couple of months. Tottenham Hotspur’s player ratings for the soon to be released video game FIFA 19 have been leaked. De Bruyne is one of three Premier League players to feature in the top 10 players in the game, with Chelsea winger Eden Hazard and Manchester United’s David De Gea also making the cut.

The classy stopper notable for a series of outrageous haircuts that would add colour to FIFA 19, left Inter in 1999 and joined their city rivals Milan, only to depart after a handful of appearances. It is not just loved by gaming fans around the world, it gets a host of attention from top professional players too, many of whom play during down time. September 28, 2018 will be a date gaming fans will have firmly in their minds as that is the day the new FIFA game will be released to the world by EA Sports. There’s only two Premier League representatives in the top 10 Chelsea’s Eden Hazard and Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea with another Blues star making the top 20.

There are a bunch of great ones to pick from, though you’ll need to know the right button combinations to trigger them. There’s a new way to choose celebrations in FIFA 19. When you score, you can do a one button celebration using either Circle. Circle will trigger a random Celebration, while X will trigger that player’s Signature Celebration.

Choose Celebrations in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 Soundtrack in Full

1. Island Life – Atomic Drum Assembly
2. Big Dreams – Bakar
3. Jackie Chan – Bantu, Dr. Chaii
4. Tribe – Bas, J. Cole
5. Take It Easy – BC Unidos, U.S. Girls, Ledinsky
6. You Should See Me In A Crown – Billie Eilish
7. Heaven Only Knows – Bob Moses

FIFA have decided to launch some new modes, which will be listed under house rules once the game is released. But as well as new stadiums, new teams, new players and a whole lot more, these aren’t the only fresh additions to the FIFA formula. If either team has scored five goals consequently losing five players the game will end automatically, as it states you cannot continue with less than seven players on a team. For both survival and no-rules mode you will be able to enable headed and volleyed goals only, making things that little bit tougher.

The side has only just picked up their first points of the season but you would never know it from looking at these ratings. This means that we now know what ratings Bristol Rovers players will have in FIFA 19 as well as what positions they have been assigned to. If you beloved this article therefore you would like to be given more info pertaining to Cheap FIFA 19 Coins nicely visit our own webpage. Players can choose to either start their career as a player, or they can just be the boss of Europe’s biggest clubs.

One of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a team to manage on FIFA is obviously the transfer budget. Doctor Khumalo was a classic midfield general who emerged as a talisman for Bafana Bafana during his memorable international career. On the tenth spot are England and Europe’s sleeping giants, Liverpool. Despite boasting the likes of one of the best-attacking trios in World Football, in Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino.

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The Cheapest FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Player

One of the most satisfying feelings in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is saving up for that one special player that is perfect for your squad.

Obviously, you’ll probably never make enough to buy Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo but it’s fine becuase you don’t need them. There are plenty of sensational players that are also easy to save up for. We’ve searched through the top players and found the cheapest for every rating from 85 to 89.


89: Gianluigi Buffon – 50,000 coins

Topping this list is Italy and Juventus legend Gianluigi Buffon. His international career may have ended on a sour note but there’s no denying that he is still a phenomenal player.

There are only two goalkeepers rated higher in the game: Manuel Neuer and David De Gea. Unless you want to spend upwards of 150k, Buffon is your man. Even Thibaut Courtois, who is also 89 rated, costs a lot more at 71k. It really puts into perspective what a steal Buffon is at this price.

88: Mesut Ozil  – 36,500 coins

Getting onto the pricier players, Mesut Ozil is still pretty cheap all things considered. The Arsenal playmakers is one of the best passers in the game, his 92 vision means he’ll find through balls you didn’t even consider possible.

His price may be lower than usual because of his lack of pace but honestly, buy a cheap and fast striker like Michail Antonio to pair him with and you won’t even notice it.

87: Andres Iniesta – 28,000 coins

The Barcelona legend is still on top of his game and would be a great addition to any midfield.

When it comes to star players, 28k is still pretty cheap. After a week of casual play you should be able to afford him. And believe us, it’ll be worth the wait.  The silky Spaniard links up play beautifully plus his dribbling and passing means he’s create numerous chances for you every game.

86: Petr Cech – 16,500 coins

The cheapest player on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team who is rated 86 overall is Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech.

Defending is incredibly difficult on FIFA 18 so having a safe pair of hands between the post can be priceless. Fortunately for you, Cech won’t cost you much but he will save you multiple matches with his superb stats.

85: Stephane Ruffier – 8,000 coins

If you want to try something different, there are plenty of brilliant players in Ligue 1 that don’t play for Paris Saint-Germain.

Stephane Ruffier is one of the best goalkeepers in the game, making a 8,000 coins an absolute steal! His 87 reflexes means it’s going to take something special for your opponent to score against you.

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Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 7

The rivalry between PlayStation and Xbox is similar to that of top football teams. Each studio works at capacity for years perfecting their craft, whilst fans passionately support their efforts. Gran Turismo Sport and Forza Motorsport 7 represent the very best four wheeled entertainment on each console. But which is best?

We could be here for weeks dissecting every polygon, each shadow and the many gigabits of data that form these games. To make things more digestible we have broken each contender down into four categories. Graphics, cars and tracks, gameplay and the ultimate verdict.



Both Gran Turismo Sport and Forza Motorsport 7 look incredible. In each the cars are the stars rendered in true anorak detail. There’s not a dust cap out of place in either game and the models are absolutely accurate to their real life counterparts.

Forza 7 runs at 60 frames per second in glorious 4K. From the mountains of Switzerland to the tire walls of Silverstone, it’s quite the achievement. It may have taken seven incarnations before loyal Forza fans received dynamic weather, but it was worth the wait. The cars look beautiful drenched with sunlight refracting off water droplets, the same goes for the tracks.

Gran Turismo has been doing weather for a while now and, as you might expect, does it rather well. Time and experience has resulted in near photorealistic 4K lighting that trumps Forza’s slightly glossier magazine page look. GT also has an advantage when it comes to foliage such as people in the crowds or trees. However, the tides turn when talking about the textures that actually make up this virtual world. Here Forza has a distinct advantage. Things such as grass, asphalt and rumble strips are more realistic.

Graphically both games look gorgeous, but this continuous punch and counter punch fight is settled when you take a magnifying glass to the cars. As mentioned, the models in both games are very detailed, but the makers of GT Sport have gone to extreme lengths to produce some of the most realistic virtual cars ever. Zooming right into seemingly unimportant things such as windscreen washer jets reveals intricacies that Forza is lacking. In FM7 the jets are there, but in Gran Turismo you can actually see the tiny components that make them up.

If you want a definitive winner of this round you have to really nitpick, but ultimately Gran Turismo Sport takes it.

Cars and Tracks

Gran Turismo Sport might have the most detailed cars, but it has fewer of them when compared with Forza Motorsport 7. Over 700 for Forza vs 162 in Gran Turismo. That is a low car count on GT’s part even by their own standards — Gran Turismo 6 boasted over 1,000 different models and variations.

The final nail in the coffin for GT Sport is Forza’s sheer variety of cars. Everything from classic F1 legends to racing trucks can be collected in Forza 7, whilst GT Sport sticks to a more midget diet of racing cars and selected road models.

It’s the same story with the tracks. Gran Turismo brings 17 to the table, whereas Forza delivers 30. Forza Motorsport 7 is the clear winner here.


The Forza Motorsport series has always attracted a wide range of gamers. From the novice perched at the end of their bed, to simulation fans with the latest gaming rig, everyone has a seat at the Forza table. The vast array of settings means that you can tweak the game to be anything from bumper cars to an accurate recreation of a WEC endurance race.

Gran Turismo is much more focused on the hardcore enthusiast. There are various driving aids to help you, but largely you are on your own. This makes GT the ideal platform for those purely looking for a simulator. In fact, Gran Turismo has a proven track record of turning its best players into real racing drivers.

Which is the most enjoyable comes down to your personal preference. If you take pleasure in spending hours perfecting your lap of Silverstone, Gran Turismo ticks the box for you. However, Forza mixes its serious races with Top Gear style stunts that are often pretty amusing. FM7 also offers a more structured single player experience with clear progression through the ranks.

On the basis of longevity and entertainment, Forza Motorsport 7 is the better game overall.

For more news about Forza Motorsport 7 please focus on our site, a professional and reliable forza 7 credits online supplier.

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