Dofus: Professions Learning And Function

Professions are a good way to get kamas (the money used in the world of DOFUS), especially for novices. Professions in DOFUS are split into two categories: harvesting and crafting.


Harvesting professions let you collect raw materials in the World of Twelve. For example, a lumberjack chops wood and a farmer reaps cereals. To harvest a resource, you don’t need any special tools. Simply touch the resource you want to collect (here for example, wheat) and, if necessary, select the appropriate action (reap for a farmer, chop for a lumberjack…).
Nonetheless, these professions include a little bit of crafting (which consists of crafting new items from resources). For example, a lumberjack can make planks, and a farmer can prepare flour. To do so, go to your profession’s workshop and interact with the corresponding machine (for example, the Farmers’ Workshop).

You’ll find your recipes under the “Professions” tab, by touching the profession that you’re interested in. These professions cost nothing – besides patience – to take up, and the resources collected are very useful for other professions, so they’re easy to sell! Which is ideal for a novice character.


Crafting professions allow you to create items. For example, tailors can craft various cloaks and headgear! These professions require greater investment to progress, in time as well as kamas, but they allow you to create more powerful items over time. Just as for harvesting professions, you’ll need to look up your recipes under the “Professions” tab.
To craft an item, go to your workshop and follow the recipe!


To learn a profession, talk to the corresponding NPC, who will start your training. Here are the positions where you can learn the various professions:

Farmer: [7,-25]; [5,6]; [3,3] in Incarnam

Baker: [2,-16]; [3,0]

Lumberjack: [4, 8]; [1, -25]; [3,3] in Incarnam

Miner: [1,-20]; [-2,-3]

Hunter: [1, 18]; [2, -24]

Butcher: [0, -15]; [-29,-32]

Fisherman: [9,0]; [1,-17]; [3,3] in Incarnam

Fishmonger: [2, -17]; [14, 26]

Alchemist: [5,-20] (quest); [3,3] in Incarnam

Handyman: [-27,-59]; [-28,35]

Jeweller: [0,2]; [5,-16]

Shoemaker: [5,1]

Tailor: own a Tailor’s Manual

Carver: [3,-20]; [3,12]

Blacksmith: [6,-18]; [-1,2]

Shield Smith: [26, -35]

Get ready, there’s work to be done!

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Special Skills In Revelation Online

Special Skills are extremely important within the world of Revelation Online for people who strive to reach the top. These skills can turn the tables on the Battleground and can prevent wipes within Dungeons. Special Skills also increase your Might Rating which if you end up in the top 10 leader board for Might Rating you will be able to receive a title and a class costume!

Revelation Online
Special Skill Pages

There are 2 types of different pages which you can use for Special Skills:

● Special Skill Pages
● Special Skill – Broken Seals

You can obtain Special Skill Pages by doing daily quests which you can find in your daily menu by pressing ‘U’. Some faction quests also offer you a chance to obtain these pages. You can also purchase pages from the Volopine Cita Ceres which runs the Faery Agency Outer Base Shop and from the Ausgyth shop as well.

To obtain Special Skill – Broken Seal pages you can also visit the same Volopine as you would do for Special Skill pages.
Levelling Skills

You can level up your Special Skills by using Dao and Sigils. There are 3 types of Dao within the game:

● Sidus Dao (Level 1 Enlightenment)
● Demonic Dao (Level 2 Enlightenment)
● Divine Dao (Level 3 Enlightenment)

The amount required for each skill is dependant on the skill grade. If you have a 1-star skill it will only take a small amount compared to a 3-star skill.

Sigils are used to unlock paths within the Dao Tree faster.

● Sidus Sigil (1-2 star skills only)
● Demonic Sigil (2-3 star skills only)
● Divine Sigil (3 star skills only)

For every Special Skill, there is Enlightenment and Paths within the Dao Tree. Enlightenment can only be used if you unlock the Dao Tree Path. The Dao Tree Paths are directly related to your Character Path and currently there are only 10 paths within the tree.

There are also 4 different Enlightenments with different effects for each one:

● Red – Star Enlightenment allows you to increase overall power.
● Orange – Beast Enlightenment allows you to reduce Special Skill costs.
● Blue – Beast Enlightenment allows you to reduce cooldowns.
● Green – Star Enlightenment has various effects.

You can reform your special skill enlightenment’s by selecting ‘Reform Dao’ and you can return all Daos that you have invested in the Dao Tree by clicking on Return Scroll. When using Return Scroll you will need to visit the Imperial City Advanced Grocer Borfen Non to purchase special Removal Sigils dependant on what you used to unlock the paths in the beginning.

Your special skills will give you significant boosts to your damage and defence and it’s worth spending the time gathering these skills and upgrading them as they will help you through your journey to greatness within the world of Nuanor!

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NFL 18: Summary of Current News

It’s almost season! As we get our pre-season grind in on Madden 17, we patiently wait for the up and coming new edition of Madden.

As we wait for what has been dubbed by EA as the most innovative “Madden” games in over 10 years, we are seeing just exactly how many new features we are getting. We know this will be most likely the best-looking Madden title yet, as well as countless new ways to play.

NFL 18
Graphical Enhancement
If you already are not familiar with the new engine that EA is giving to Madden this year, then you should know it will be running on DICE’s popular “Frostbite” engine. This engine has been used heavily in EA and DICE’s “Battlefield” series, and as sports titles, it was recently adopted by the “FIFA” franchise. This is a great step in building a better Madden.

Personally though, I don’t think that the visual side of Madden has been its biggest issues, but it has definitely had its times. We’ve seen a semi-steady increase in the graphics over the years, but the progression has been rather slow. By now, we should have seen certain issues be fixed years ago, but somehow, gets by every installment.

A few downsides always in each installment seems to be the stadiums themselves and the AI audience. With the teaser trailer, we see that the stadium issue is fixed with flying colors and it seems that the audience will explode with realism as well. All in all, this well help the playing experience.

The Coaching Factor
While little is known about the subject, we have been teased about certain coaching options may change/enhance the playing experience as well. Adding new coaching options to the game increase the depth of the title as well. This will most likely give new options for players regarding their squad on the field, substitution changes, and on-the-fly thinking.

Target Passing System
Finally! No longer do you have to pass to the open receiver, as now Madden has added a new target passing system. This will give the player much more control over what happens, such as risking difficult passes for big rewards, or slowing things down and making the simple pass. It’s all up to you with this new system, which should have been implemented three+ years ago.

Passing was one of the biggest issues I’ve had with Madden. There needs to be a fine balance between passing and running the ball, and Madden hasn’t seemed to hit that yet. Hopefully, with the new installment will come a better balance than before. One can only hope that EA finally synchronizes the two and the new passing system is a giant step forward.

If playing AI, story mode, or career mode isn’t your thing, then you are probably wondering what’s going to be new to the multiplayer? Well, it’s seeming like it’s not all too much. Of course, one of EA’s most popular mode, Ultimate Team will be making a reappearance. Now, one thing is for sure to be new is the roster, and additions of the G.O.A.T players, coinciding alongside the special edition of this year’s title. Another popular mode, franchise mode, will be coming back as well.

All in all, this year’s Madden is shaping up to be the best. It will officially release on August 25th for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, sorry Nintendo. However, currently, it does not mean that these will be the only platforms supporting the title as E3 will surely give us answers and more info on Madden NFL 18, until then stay tuned!

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