Top Five Teams in Madden 18

Madden NFL 18 is an American football simulation game, developed by EA Sports and published for PS4/XboxOne. Features all elements of real-life American football, it contains unique Ultimate Mode, Franchise Mode, Career Mode and Online Mode. Players will feel like playing authentic American football while playing Madden 18. You can buy players and packs by Madden NFL 18 Coins, which is the in-game currency. Today I will introduce top five teams in madden 18 to you.


1. New England Patriots – 93 OVR

Easily the most well-balanced and overpowered team in all of Madden this year, the reigning Super Bowl champs don’t seem to have any weaknesses at any position on the team. With QB Tom Brady and TE Rob Gronkowski still wreaking havoc on every defense in the league, and the new additions of Pro-Bowl wide receiver Brandin Cooks and Pro-Bowl shutdown corner Stephon Gilmore, the Patriots have the look of a team that is loading up for a historical Super Bowl run. Every team in the league should be on the lookout for this incredible lineup, and you should be too in Madden, as this team will be very, very hard to stop.

2. Atlanta Falcons – 91 OVR

The runner-up in the Super Bowl last season, the Atlanta Falcons have firepower at what seems to be every position. Qb Matt Ryan leads an offense with stars Julio Jones and Devonta Foreman, with a quality RB1 in Tevin Coleman backing up the aforementioned Foreman. On defense, the Falcons have incredible players as well with hard-hitting safety Keanu Neel, lockdown cornerback Desmond Trufant, and the lightning-quick Deion Jones at the middle linebacker position, and that’s without even bringing in the unstoppable force that is defensive end Vic Beasley, who is blossoming into one of the best ends in the entirety of the NFL.

3. Dallas Cowboys – 89 OVR

The story of the NFL last year was the emergence of rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, who each had incredible seasons for the Cowboys. Filling in for Tony Romo, Dak Prescott did not disappoint in any way, and Zeke had one of the best rookie seasons of all time, tearing up defenses week after week. The defense is fairly lacking, but it is all made up for with the offense that can compete with any defense in Madden.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers – 88 OVR

The Pittsburgh Steelers have what is widely-regarded as the best “triplets” in the entire NFL. “Triplets” are made up of the quarterback, running back, and number one wide receiver. Nobody can argue that they don’t have an incredible triplet with Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown. Not a single team in the NFL comes very close to them in terms of sheer domination on the offensive side of the ball. On defense they aren’t lacking either as they have MLB Ryan Shazier, T.J. Watt (J.J.’s little brother), and longstanding force James Harrison, to go along with the acquisition of Joe Haden.

5. The Green Bay Packers – 88 OVR

With an 81 Defensive rating and a 90 overall rating for offense, the Green Bay Packers aren’t exactly well-balanced. They do make up for that with their incredible offense, though. With players like Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, and Ty Montgomery, the Packers are not lacking in any way in the offensive department, and although they don’t have the BEST defense, they do have amazing players such as Ha-Ha Clinton Dix and Morgan Burnett.

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Replaying Value of Customization and addition of NHL 18

Marc Bergevin has stated about many events that gaining a top center comes out as the only possible on PlayStation.  Based on this off-season, he also indicated if anybody likes loyalty, it is better to have a dog. There is good news for the Montreal Canadian GM as gamer can have loyalty upon PlayStation as well. Buy NHL 18 Coins from the professional online gaming house now to find the early edge in the gameplay of NHL 18.

The latest iteration of yearly NHL game of EA Sports permits gamer to capture the Vegas Golden Knights on the date of the expansion draft. Moreover, it heralds entirely huge possibilities. Some gamer has conquests an expansion team and re-produced the draft including Andrei Markov and Alex Radulov as both re-signed with the Canadians prior to 01 July. Certainly, since it occurs at the expansion draft. It means that anything is to be unfastened for a gamer prior to the Nathan Beaulieu or Jonathan Drouin trades. It is just one characteristic of the replaying ability that past games just did not possess. Based on the major re-doing Vegas expansion draft, gamer could not even personalize the guarding lists and append a 32nd team to the league. Two teams are drafting from the players’ pool being available. Buy nhl 18 coins online. Based on launching, this characteristic did not function well as it places Quebec No Daces team in the Western Conference.  Conversely, the first update appended the option to seize a personalized realignment for any new franchise. There are 31 teams or 32. It also permits the option to personalize the 31st and 32nd AHL teams while making their mascot.


NHL Threes
The broadest addition to the game this year was NHL Threes. If a gamer has not seen it, it is to think NBA Jam upon ice. It is a three-on-three arcade fashion game with game-alterations. Here, Money Pucks count for one more goals.

seasonal greetings
There was another new adding known as the Champions Hockey League.  If gamer is not accustomed to that, it is to think Champions League in soccer; however with hockey teams. The game does only have the teams that were in the newest tournament; however, gamer becomes able to play his tournament in mode of season. Gamer could also play a season with many other leagues in the game incorporating AHL, Liiga, SHL, and others.

considering gameplay
The game comes out as a more polished edition of last year. However if it was not for the additional teams, gamer might not actually be able to narrate at a glance that the game was updated. If a gamer enjoys the customized possibilities, it can be the expansion draft of re-doing or making a 32nd team.

Gamer can conquest the Canadiens and append a 32nd team and it is to see how that shake up the league. Three modes are to keep the game from getting sour.  If a gamer cannot figure out a path to play NHL 18 and have amusement, it is not for lack of options.

considering score of 8/10
Gamers can find three personalized options; franchise mode vitally is the identical in past years. However, there is the addition of mid-season contract extensions. Conversely, when previously the only path to shake up the game was a fantasy draft, the expansion alternatives are very welcome attachment.

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Understanding more about the NBA 2K18 MT

Bunches of individuals cherish playing and seeing basketball. There are loads of Television organizations that give sports broadcast to case basketball games, in addition to one may trust that it would be fulfilling to take a gander at the action by means of these organizations, as a result of reality that you can discover several of these, and in addition the restriction may urge them to great supply. The truth of the issue is the way that for all of such conditions this is not the situation. Among the things that influence loads of individuals when watching basketball along these lines is the way that you can discover a ton of advertisements, making survey such exercises a drag some of the time. Aside from that, few exercises Television organizations force an awesome arrangement for such data, which many would not figure out how to oversee.


You should take a gander at NBA 2K18 MT gushing when you have really wound up being baffled with watching basketball as a result of the above variables. You have regardless guarantee that you have enough transfer speed to help it in light of the fact that the amount of data required in video gushing is. You have to continue to an ISP that gives high transmission capacity if your present one does not when conceivable. However something else about your ISP is the way that you should be on a boundless information design. That you do not want to be in the focal point of the game and your web association is out since you achieve your information confine. There are heaps of focal points to watching basketball by means of Basketball live spilling. The underlying of those might be the reality it is a live stream, so it is for the most part as though you are in the match. That you do not have to look for commonly to take a gander at the particular match you favor and at times even need to look for the enlisted forms to wind up noticeably accessible. All you must finish is taking a seat at your PC and you will have utilization of the majority of the ebb and flow movement.

However something else that will inspire one intending to see Basketball live web might be the reality as conceivable move the press for home diversion framework or your Television. That you do not have to weight on the little screen if your PC screen is not sufficiently vast. At the finish of your day, watching Basketball live web is some of those strategies you can see unadulterated basketball with no inconvenience of ensuring or spending it business that your links are in place. All you need to is only a PC and web association issues that are accessible wherever these days and you would be good to go.

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When it Comes to FIFA 18 You Can Most Definitely Cash Out

In FIFA, as so many fans of EA’s all-conquering football series know, you can buy FIFA Coins with real world money. And with those FIFA Coins you can buy packs of cards for use in FIFA Ultimate Team, the series’ most popular mode and the one that makes EA so many millions of dollars each financial quarter. Pay your money, buy a pack and roll the dice. Will I pack Ronaldo? Or Messi? Or an in-form? There’s only one way to find out.

I’m a big FIFA fan and I have a confession to make: I love opening packs. There’s a thrill to it. Maybe this time I’ll get a walk out! My mind dares to dream in the tantalising moments before I press the buy now button. I know I’m being played here. I know the house always wins. But I can’t help but grind for more FUT Coins, the in-game currency you can use to buy packs, then, when I’ve enough, roll the dice once again. Rinse. Repeat. Better luck next time, mate.


I’ve yet to spend real world money on FIFA Coins since FIFA 18 came out, but I have teetered on the edge, usually at night while my wife and toddler sleep. They won’t know, I smirk. I’ll pay with my account, not the joint. Thankfully, FIFA 18, with its dad friendly Squad Battles mode, dishes out FUT Coins and card packs in a, well, I wouldn’t call it a generous fashion, but I’ve so far done well enough to have an 80-rated team with limited play time. The thing is, I want better players and a better team. I will always want better players and a better team. There is no end in sight. I realise this. And yet I live for each inch I crawl forward in the pursuit of the perfect Ultimate Team.

As the debate about loot boxes and gambling rages, I can’t help but wonder about Ultimate Team. Are buying card packs gambling? I go back and forth on the answer. Sometimes I think, well, it’s just like buying football stickers. Of course it’s not gambling. Then, usually when I’m desperate for one more hit, I find myself convinced it is.

The problem is, these prizes – or in FIFA’s case, cards – are not successfully restricted for use solely within FIFA 18. You can, quite easily, cash out.

There are a raft of websites, some of which look pretty slick and even have narrated tutorial videos, that will buy your FUT coins off you for real-world money. These websites ensure everything involved in your standard Ultimate Team card pack transaction has a real world value, albeit indirectly. Say you get a player you don’t want. Successfully sell him on the official, in-game auction house for FUT coins. Then, you can sell those FUT coins on a third-party website for cash. So, the virtual card has an indirect real-world value. It might not be much, but it’s there.

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NHL 18 Ratings of Top 10 Defenseman

Our NHL 18 Player Ratings show continues with the top defensemen in the NHL. We looked in a defender’s Puck Skills, Shooting, Skating, Senses, Defense and Physical abilities when deciding their overall evaluation.


1. Erik Karlsson – 91 overall

Erik Karlsson earns the #1 spot as NHL® 18’s greatest defenseman. Even though the Ottawa Senators captain is not the most physical guardian, everything else about Karlsson’s game is world-class. He’s got 5-star Puck Skills, Shooting, Skating, Sense and Defense abilities allowing him to dominate the match and drive offense and play for any team. Karlsson is a game breaker on the rear end and among the best offensive defensemen to ever play in the NHL.

2. Drew Doughty – 91 overall

Drew Doughty’s two-way play is hard to beat. Drew Doughty’s Offensive Awareness (94) enables him to control the speed of play offensively while is Defensive Awareness (94) gives him the ability to position himself correctly to shut his opponents down effortlessly.

3. Brent Burns – 90 overall

The 2017 Norris Trophy winner had a season for the ages last year. Brent Burns scored 27 goals and led the league in photos. His ability to deliver a powerful Slap Shot (92) along with a enormous Body Check (90) is a key component to this San Jose Sharks’ success.

4. Victor Hedman – 90 overall

The 6’6″ Swedish defensemen proceeds to prove he’s one of the NHL’s best blue liners. Victor Hedman’s excellent at closing down his resistance with his Shot Blocking (93), Stick Checking (93) and Body Checking (90) skills. If he has the puck, Hedman can make crisp passes or unleash a gigantic shot in the point for a goal.

5. Duncan Keith – 90 overall

The Chicago Blackhawks continue to be led from Duncan Keith on the backend. From Keith’s 5-star Puck Skills to his 5-star Defensive abilities, the defenseman continues to bring a powerful two-way game. Keith also utilizes his Acceleration (92) and Agility (92) to either shutdown rapid attackers or blow beyond forecheckers to prepare a rush.

6. Ryan Suter – 89 overall

Night in and night out, you could always count on Ryan Suter to play 25+ minutes a night of self-defense protection. His Defensive Awareness (93), Stick Checking (91) and Shot Blocking (90) are an essential component of his game, thwarting the resistance at every chance.

7. Shea Weber – 89 overall

You do not want to block a Shea Weber slap shot. Together with 95 Slap Shot Power, Weber’s bullets in the point make him a dangerous player whenever he’s on the ice. His capacity to shut down the opposition with his raw Strength (93) and Body Checking (92) abilities make him one of the toughest players to play against in hockey.

8. Kris Letang – 88 overall

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ best defenseman can do everything. While Kris Letang is much more known for his elite Puck Skills, Skating and Offensive Awareness (90), he is a superb defender who understands where to position himself and can acquire a powerful hit onto a attacking player.

9. Roman Josi – 88 overall

The smooth-skating Nashville Predators blue liner provides a powerful offensive punch from the blue line. Roman Josi’s Passing (90), Puck Control (90) and Speed (90) allow him to weave his way up the ice whilst hitting teammates to make an opportunity on the breakout.

10. Alex Pietrangelo – 88 overall

Alex Pietrangelo has Gradually ascended into stardom with the St. Louis Blues. His powerful two-way game is highlighted by his Defensive Awareness (92) as well as his 5-star Sense and Defense abilities. Pietrangelo also leads a powerful offensive game using an excellent shot and superb Death (90).

EA SPORTS NHL 18 delivers the imagination of the young NHL with fresh Creative Attack controllers as well as the first-ever Defensive Skill Stick. Play the fast paced, arcade-inspired 3-on-3 EA SPORT NHL THREES mode, or reshape the league entirely with the new Expansion Publish along with your own custom 32nd NHL team. Do it all with the most co-op and competitive multiplayer options ever delivered within an EA SPORTS NHL game. For more NHL 18 news and guides, please follow From there you can find more cheap nhl 18 coins.

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NBA Live Mobile: Basketball in Your Pocket

The confetti has fallen, the fans have celebrated and the NBA Finals are over. The Cavs have been crowned champion and now that it’s all over what do you do next? Well, I’ll give you one option. Head over to the Play Store and register download for the new NBA LIVE Mobile app. The fast-paced NBA action in the palm of your hands is sure to get you ready for next season.


Getting started

Like all apps, the first thing you have to do is go through a set-up process. This includes setting your age, login preference, username and favorite team. Afterwards, you go through the tutorial that includes teaching you how to shoot, pass, you know the basics. And of course, they will walk you through the app itself. After all, that you’re ready to play.

Let’s touch on the different modes of play. Live events consist of your season games and various skill challenges that help you improve your skills. Some may be locked until you reach the appropriate skill level. Head-to-head games show all the people who are playing those games. You may challenge anyone to match-up.

NBA LIVE has an interesting take on head-to-head. Each player takes control of a quarter. Meaning, if you start a game with an opponent, you play the first and third quarter vs the other team’s AI team, and they take the 2nd and 4th quarter vs your AI. With this style of gameplay, there is less chance of lagging and ruining a game which makes it more enjoyable.

Playing a season is not much different than playing a season on traditional consoles. The exception being you don’t play as many games and each quarter last two minutes. But you do play the finals, but I couldn’t tell you what that’s like since I’m not very good. That means you’ll need to play and tweet me the experience. That’s a joke of course, except the part where I suck at the game.

Finally, the last mode of gameplay is leagues. There are already a number of leagues that you can join or for 5,000 coins you can create a league. I would suggest joining a league to start.

You should also note that all events cost you stamina to play. You start off with 15 stamina and with each level you gain, you gain the ability to have more at one time. So after level ten you may be able to have 16 stamina instead of 15. After you use your stamina up it replenishes after a certain amount of time, or you can buy more with in-app purchases.


Controls are a short area to go over but let’s get through it quickly. At the bottom left you’re going to have your “joystick” to move your player around. Over on the right, it’s broken into two categories, offense and defense. Offense consist of pass, drive (sprint) and shoot while defense has two controls, guard, and block. Going through the tutorial will explain how to use these.

Everything else

To acquire all the extras, head over to the store and purchase various random player packs. You can use real money, or money you’ve earned by leveling up after games or beating certain challenges. The better you play, the more experience you get and faster you level up. If you want a specific player or want to get rid of excess players you can use the auction section. This is the feature they have that I didn’t even know I wanted but makes perfect sense.


NBA LIVE Mobile is an overall fun game to pick up and play. It’s simple enough for a novice to understand yet elegant enough for a seasoned gamer to enjoy on the go. I don’t normally see these games translating to mobile this smoothly.

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FIFA 18 Update: New patch ahead of PS4 and Xbox One Ultimate Team FUT TOTW 3 Reveal

A NEW FIFA 18 update has been launched on PC before PS4 and Xbox One, ahead of the new Ultimate Team FUT TOTW 3 lineup.

The new FIFA 18 update is only available on PC so far, but should make its way to PS4 and Xbox One platforms at a later date.

While it might seem strange that EA Sports would launch their first title patches on PC first, there are some good reasons behind this.

When it comes to both the PS4 and Xbox One platforms, a certification process is needed for any major games updates. This usually slows down the console launch of any update, but doesn’t interfere with the PC platform. The full patch notes for the new FIFA 18 update can be found at the bottom of this article.

You can expect to see some big names in this week’s collection of stars, ahead of the international break.


The current FIFA 18 TOTW lineup:

GK: Adan – Real Betis Balompie – (Spain)
CB: Azpilicueta – Chelsea – (England)
LB: Faouzi Ghoulam – Napoli – (Italy)
CB: Hilton – Montpellier HSC – (France)
CAM: David Silva – Manchester City – (England)
CDM: Miralem Pjanić – Juventus – (Italy)
LM: Yacine Brahimi – FC Porto – (Portugal
CF: Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona – (Spain)
ST: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Borussia Dortmund – (Germany)
ST: Álvaro Morata – Chelsea – (England)
LW: Stephan El Shaarawy – Roma – (Italy)


GK: Mamadou Samassa – ESTAC Troyes – (France)
RWB: Daniel Sundgren – AIK – (Sweden)
LB: Danny Grainger – Carlisle United – (England)
CDM: Manuel Konrad – Dynamo Dresden – (Germany)
LM: Yoane Wissa – AC Ajaccio – (France)
ST: Carmelo Valencia – La Equidad – (Colombia)
ST: Patrick Mullins – D.C. United – (USA)


LM: Yamil Asad – Atlanta United FC – (USA)
ST: Sascha Bigalke – SpVgg Unterhaching – (Germany)
ST: Simone Zaza – Valencia CF – (Spain)
ST: Vágner Love – Alanyaspor – (Turkey)
ST: Jürgen Locadia – PSV – (Holland)

More FIFA 18 news please keep eyes on which aim to help you gathering Cheap FIFA 18 Coins and learn more about how to farm fifa coins easy.

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New Elite Playoffs Players in NBA Live Mobile

12 New Conference Finals Elite participants and 2 Fresh Conference Semifinal Owners are crashing the judge in NBA Live Mobile. Enjoy Playoffs live activities, total collection and acquire compensated on the way to earning the NBA Finals Pros OR EVEN THE Triple-Double King 95 OVR Russel Westbrook. Furthermore, check-out the updates we did towards the Playoffs Sets buying.


New Players

95 OVR Isaiah Thomas (Small Ball PG)

95 OVR LaMarcus Aldridge (Big Man PF)

95 OVR Stephen Curry (Defensive Lineup; PG)

93 OVR Kevin Love (Small Ball Lineup; PF)

92 OVR Manu Ginobili (Shooting Lineup; SG)

91 OVR Marcus Smart (Defensive Lineup; PG)

90 OVR Kyle Korver (Two-Way Lineup SG)

89 OVR Jonathon Simmons (Big Man Lineup; SF)

89 OVR Kelly Olynyk (Two-Way Lineup; C)

88 OVR Jae Crowder (Shooting Lineup; SF)

88 OVR Zaza Pachulia (Small Ball Lineup; C)

87 OVR David Lee (Two-Way Lineup; PF)

87 OVR Deron Williams (Big Man Lineup; PG)

87 OVR David West (Shooting Lineup; PF)


Level 5 Triple-Double King Russell Westbrook:

Add 75 Pick’em Collectibles or badges, 3 Elite Conference Finals players and 93 OVR Triple-Double King Westbrook to get back 95 Triple-Double King Westbrook with a +5 boost to SHT, SPD and 3PT. (No auction).

West Semifinals Master LaMarcus Aldridge:

Add 3 Elite West Semifinals players of at least 91 OVR along with 6 additional Elite West Semifinals players to get 95 OVR West Semifinals Master LaMarcus Aldridge plus a NBA Finals Sweep collectible.

East Semifinals Master Isaiah Thomas:

Add 3 Elite East Semifinals players of at least 91 OVR along with 6 additional Elite East Semifinals players to get 95 OVR East Semifinals Master Isaiah Thomas plus a NBA Finals Sweep collectible.

West Finals Players:

Add 1 Elite West Quarterfinals player, 1 Elite West Senifinals player along with 10 Gold West Playoffs players to get an Elite Conference Finals player.

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Newest Madden NFL 18 Player Training Strategy

EA Sports recently released the player rating update for Madden NFL 18. Marcedes Lewis got the title improvement of 5 points, Kareem Hunt for 2 points, and Russell Wilson for 1 points. While Joe Flacco, Derek Carr, Jay Ajayi received their reduction from one to two points individually.

If you’ve been playing Madden 18’s Ultimate Team you’re probably well aware of the issues plaguing the online mode. Not only is MUT experiencing disconnect issues, but there’s also an exploit in which players are able to unfairly win head to head games by intentionally disconnected .

As EA Sports has announced the #4 tweak of player rating, we should have to notice the trend of player’s inflation and depression correspondently. Once you spend great fortune to buy a decent player card, you will never expect his OVR get depressed right? So squad building should include this issue as well. In-form cards will always be first choice for gamers even if they are expensive. IF cards also have unique background color so its outstanding to be discovered in crowds.


If you are experiencing technical difficulties or disconnection glitch your opponent for any reason, you have up to 10 minutes after the scheduled challenge start time to inform EA Sports support team. After that time you risk being eliminated.

Whatsoever, EA is aware of the problems and have addressed player concerns in a post on their blog. The glad tidings are that EA is cracking down on the intentional exploiters, especially those in the competitive scene. As for the unintentional disconnect issues, EA is “diligently working” to identify the root of the issue and find a solution. Unfortunately, no answer yet.

Players must complete their match within the scheduled amount of time or both players will be given a loss. If you complete a challenge but the reporting period has expired, results and evidence must be emailed immediately afterwards. We will try best to ensure that the winner moves on to the following round.

There’re two ways for you to train or build your squad, first is to gamble the card pack from the beginning, second is to save for a legend card in transfer market. Once you start your pack gambling journey, you will receive many of gold or silver cards that you needn’t currently. Exchange them for coins and cast it back to pack gambling. Sometimes you may got an elite player but you’ve already got one for the position, you can benefit from it a lot. This ways is not stable but full of surprise and exciting.

By save for a certain elite, you need to endure the lengthy waiting and endless repetitive challenges for enough storage. Once you get enough coins for the card, you will get it without accident. But this way isn’t suitable for irritable gamers.

In reality, player always get an unique nickname for their ferocious or tranquil performance. During just 6 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, he won a rushing title, was named AFC Offensive Player of the Year, made 2 Pro Bowls, and retired as the Chief’s leading rusher. He was famous for his powerful running style and near impossibility to tackle.

Madden NFL 18 needs humongous MUT 18 Coins to be played well, and we are here to help you doing this. For fast and safe Madden 18 Coins, are your best choice. We suggest you complete the tutorial first in order to avoid unnecessary detour. Keep following us!

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How to Take Free Kicks on FIFA 18 on PS4 and Xbox One

FIFA 18 is a game all about margins.

Losing a game in the 90th minute but fouled on the edge of the box? If you don’t know your way around a free kick you’re losing the game… but if you do, you might be able to score a dramatic goal and grab yourself a point, or force extra time.

But how does one take free-kicks on FIFA? Wonder no more, as Goal takes a look at the set-piece mechanics. There’s a fair few ways of taking a free-kick on the game, and you don’t just need to get it up and over the wall!


Curling the ball around the wall is relatively easy if you’ve got players with high curve – such as Christian Eriksen or Kevin De Bruyne – and you just need to aim slightly past each post, and then flick the left stick back towards the goal. Two bars of power should do it!

You can also dip the free-kick but this is riskier; aim at the wall and hold the left stick up with between one and two bars of power.

If you’re trying to drive the ball under the wall, aim at a spot between an unsuspecting defender’s legs, and hold L1/LB and shoot, with one bar of power, while pushing the left stick upwards.

Trivela free-kicks are the flashiest of the flash, as it’ll see a player use the outside of their boot to try to curl the ball home. You’ll need a player with high free-kick accuracy, and aim for just outside the post. Move your run up, using the right stick, so that your player is in line with the ball as well as the near post. Shoot with roughly two power bars, and point the left stick around 45 degrees and upwards. You’ll need a right footed player if you’re taking it from the left-hand side, and a left footed player from the right. Follow the same steps and hold L1/LB for a power variation of the free-kick.

A knuckleball free-kick is also a possibility, but you’ll need some power! Aim for the far side of the goal with the left stick, and hold L1/LB with three bars of power on your shot. Hopefully, it’ll fly in, making Cristiano Ronaldo proud.

You can also dummy the shot, if you fancy it, by calling a second player with either L2 or LB. Fake a shot, with X and A or circle and X. Aim at the second player, and send a through ball towards them with Y or triangle. If it works, you’ll leave the defence dumbfounded.

It cannot be stressed enough, however, that practice makes perfect, and utilising skill games is vital. Doing that could mean the difference between a win and a loss.

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