It only took two heroes to slay Onyxia with a combination of intense micro-management and flawless execution

It seems fans have not felt the several years that have passed since Blizzard Entertainment’s refreshed MMORPG World of Warcraft Classic was launched in 2019. Within the original base game, both old and new players have found unique ways to play online, with some even challenging themselves by conquering raid bosses without armor or buffs. Recently, two players have also accomplished an amazing feat by defeating an infamously difficult 40-player World of Warcraft raid boss with only two of them as party members.

A World of Warcraft Classic boss has been downed in 57 minutes, and instead of the suggested 40 player raid, it only took two heroes to slay Onyxia with a combination of intense micro-management and flawless execution. World of Warcraft’s early raids were known as some of the most challenging MMO content available back in the mid-2000s, with fights like Onyxia and later many of the raids in both The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King offering increasingly brutal challenges to thousands of dedicated end-game guilds.

PC Gamer showed that by overpowering Onyxia, Gendisarray and Shiftus reduced the most difficult early content of World of Warcraft Classic in 57 minutes. Part of the 40-player raid plan is Onyxia. He defeated this big boss in an interesting way.

The two players in question are Gendisarray who controlled a Warrior and Shiftus as a Priest, and according to WoWHead, it might be the first time that Onyxia has been defeated by just two players.

One of the first big raid bosses in the base game, veteran players will likely recall the 40-player Onyxia boss raid as one of the most difficult bosses to take down, given the sheer amount of manpower needed to deplete her whopping 1.8 million HP. However, with a great amount of care in managing their skill and recovery item cooldowns, Shiftus and Gendisarray were able to beat her in under an hour. This is a big accomplishment, given that older players will recall having to spend hours learning and weaving through the boss’s raid mechanics while managing the number of characters involved in the battle.

The achievement is impressive no matter how World of Warcraft veterans want to look at it, and it should set the stage for the introduction of more difficult The Burning Crusade content in Classic later this year. Blizzard gradually made its World of Warcraft raids more difficult over the game’s original lifespan, and Classic following suit will be interesting – can players continue to stylishly break boss fights that took weeks for raiders to figure out originally, or is there a raised difficulty curve coming soon that will make that impossible?

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The WoW Classic Burning Crusade Classic beta officially opened

The Burning Crusade Classic beta officially opened. Access will be distributed to players registered at this address over the next few weeks. Their feedback will then be expected on the upcoming expansion. The invitation will be delivered via email while the client can be downloaded directly from the app. The selected volunteers will first have to ensure that their graphics drivers are up to date. After choosing one of the available test servers, you will need to create a new test character or copy a character from your WoW Classic account.

Another important point in the communiqué concerns phising practices. That is, Blizzard has confirmed that some people may receive fake emails. In this case, players who are in doubt about the legitimacy of their invitations should log into their accounts and check if there is a license called “Burning Crusade Classic Beta” linked. For more information, I suggest you take a look at the information that was released in a special post related to the Beta. Anyway, everything indicates that the novelty will be marked by a good dose of nostalgia. So, if you’re a WoW veteran, it’s a good idea to take a look and try to “dig” a spot in the tests.

If Devolore had announced that it was not said that those who had access to the option on Monday will be the elected officials to test this beta, we can clearly doubt that. Do not hesitate to relaunch your launcher to check if you are in the list. We remind you once again: no key will be sent by email or private message on your networks, your access will be automatically unlocked in the official launcher!

For now, the beta test is only open to a few players. You must have registered on the dedicated page of the official World of Warcraft website of course, but also that Blizzard has accepted your application. We can bet that new waves of testers will be added gradually.

The content should also be the subject of gradual additions as for the moment character progression is limited to level 64 and PvP is not yet available. In addition, third-party add-ons cannot be activated on the current version.

Remember, Burning Crusade Classic will offer a faithful recreation of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Players will be able to explore Outland, fight up to level 70, ride flying mounts, and take control of two additional races: the Blood Elves and the Draenei. No additional monthly subscription will be payable, and the World of Warcraft subscription will therefore give access to 3 games: WoW, WoW Classic, as well as BC Classic

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The eSports season continues on eFootball PES 2021

The eSports season continues on eFootball PES 2021; while the 2020/21 season of the eFootball.League is still underway, with Roma and Juventus busy, Konami has announced the start of qualifying for the European competition that will take place next summer. 55 will be the teams that will compete to access the eEURO final phase in July; qualifying matches will be streamed live on UEFA’s official YouTube channel.

Last year, the same competition always saw 55 nations compete, making it the largest national efootball tournament ever organized. The teams, divided into ten groups, will face each other twice in the classic “home and away” format. Each match will consist of two 1v1 matches, with the combined score of the two matches determining the final result. The qualifying matches will be played between March and April.

Each national federation will participate with a national eFootball team made up of two to four players. A total of € 100,000 in cash prizes will be split among all finalists, of which € 40,000 for the winners. The matches will be broadcast live on Uefa’s official YouTube channel.

UEFA eEURO has given efootball fans the chance to dream of representing their country on the most important stage. All the competing teams will try to follow in the footsteps of Italy who won the inaugural tournament last year,” he said. UEFA marketing director Guy-Laurent Epstein said. “The first edition of UEFA eEURO was a real success, with over 15 million people watching the competition footage on different UEFA platforms. In recent years, the popularity of efootball has grown exponentially, and thanks to eEURO 2021. we will be able to connect and interact with new and old fans and fans from all over the world. ”


eEURO 2021 has the distinction of being the largest efootball tournament for national teams ever organized: the teams, divided into ten groups, will face each other twice in the classic “home and away” format. Each match will consist of two 1v1 matches, with the combined score of the two matches determining the final result. The qualifying matches will be played between March and April.

The ten group winners will directly qualify for the final tournament in which 16 teams will take part. The ten runners-up will enter a playoff tournament that will be played on 10 and 17 May to decree the last six finalists.

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Who actually wants movies like Tom and Jerry?

Who actually wants movies like Tom & Jerry? Think back to the dregs of the Alvin & the Chipmunks movies from the aughts: the awkward blend of live action and animation, the creaky dragging of baby-boomer cartoon mascots awkwardly into present-day pop culture, the incessant noise of it all. What’s worse, the characters you’ve come to see — the ones your kids never knew — come on screen in a form you hardly recognize.

There’s a reason the gray and white housecat and his brown mouse foil have endured for 81 years since their debut in 1940: they’re the quintessential cat-and-mouse team. There’s a simplicity to the premise: Tom tries to catch Jerry, plucky Jerry always outsmarts unlucky Tom, over-the-top cartoon violence and slapstick gags ensue. The settings or circumstances that trigger the chase might differ (sometimes they might team up against a common problem, and sometimes Tom even wins) but the tried-and-true formula persists. That approach—broad physical humor, little to no dialogue—has wide appeal and transcends cultural barriers, and it’s even inspired an equally long-running parody on ‘The Simpsons’ with Itchy and Scratchy.

Obviously, not everyone is ready to run back to movie theaters, even if New York cinemas can hypothetically open at 25 percent capacity next month. Those that did run to the theaters, however, apparently ran to see Tom and Jerry, the latest Colin Jost vehicle from Warner Bros. Pictures. According to Variety, if you factor in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Tom and Jerry did more than chase its tail during its opening weekend, earning over $13.7 million at the domestic box office. Only 2,475 theaters are currently open in some capacity, which is 42 percent of the country’s theaters. The movie is reportedly the first film to break $10 million in the past ten months, other than Wonder Woman 1984, which earned $16.7 million domestic its opening weekend back in December.

Tom & Jerry’s human elements are frankly negligible. The ensemble cast are talented actors, but aren’t humorous or entertaining. Tom & Jerry’s shenanigans with Spike and Toots are the animated highlights. They cause rampant destruction, which elicited minor chuckles along the way. Children will be amused by these scenes, but I don’t believe the hour and forty minute runtime will hold their interest. This version of Tom & Jerry may gain a new audience, but probably won’t appeal to older and die-hard fans. Tom & Jerry is produced by Warner Animation Group, Hanna-Barbera Productions, and Turner Entertainment. It will be released concurrently by Warner Bros. in theaters and HBO Max streaming on February 26th.

It’s all so dull, you find your mind wandering into the bizarre logistics of Tom and Jerry’s world — one where only animals are animated (the film implicitly establishes that humans eat cartoon meat), and all of those animals have voices except for Tom and Jerry. Tom gets a couple of sequences with the angel and devil on his shoulder, voiced respectively by Tone Bell and Lil Rel Howery, so we’re left to presume that that’s what he sounds like. But then, he plays the piano and launches into a downright caustic hip-hop-inflected ballad complete with bizarre autotune. The questions abound: Do animated, sentient animals have rights? How do you transport cartoon elephants across state lines? And why are all the poor, criminally-inclined animals coded as Black.

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