Bless Unleashed gets off to a flying start on PC

Available since 2020 on PS4 and Xbox One, the PC version of Bless Unleashed has been desired. However, the wait seemed worth it. The title entered the Steam catalog on August 6, and it has already achieved the feat of joining the Top 10 most played games on the platform.

“Explore the huge and lively world with your allies and friends. Or embark on an epic adventure alone and push your limits. From the weapons you wield to the abilities you unlock, you have full control of your character’s development and actions. Every choice you make in the world of ‘Bless’ will shape your story. Therefore, forge your destiny and make your adventure go down in history”, says the game’s promotion.

Alongside the game are the founder packs, which have also been released today. Bless Unleashed offers Deluxe, Exalted, and Ultimate editions if you want some bonuses to support the game.These are nice packages for players who want some extra goodies while supporting a game they love. It is free-to-play, though, and these are completely optional.

Players can download the base game for free. But those who want special edition packs need to spend a little. Packages are discounted on Steam.

The Ultimate pack is sold, with 10% off, for R$143,09, while the Exalted is for R$79,19. With the same discount percentage, the Deluxe package costs R$ 47,69. These special edition packs offer bonuses to support early stage ‘Bless Unleashed’ players.

Thousands of Bless Unleashed players with mixed opinions
While there are many active players, opinions on the game are more mixed. With a total of 9,415 reviews as of August 10, Bless Unleashed is rated “average” by the community. If the players appreciate the fact that the title is free, they point the finger at its graphics, certain bugs which make it crash but also its paid purchases.

The game certainly looks pretty for an MMO, but I don’t think anything ever will pull me away from Final Fantasy XIV. Still, it is free, so I might give it a download and see how it stacks up to Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV.

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