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As we progressed through the initial levels of Blade & Soul, many aspects of the game got us really excited and enthusiastic, to say the least. As we reached higher levels, a certain awkward feeling has arrived which is probably caused by the inexplicable decision of the game’s developers. During the first few levels of Blade & Soul, blade and soul gold one gets overwhelmed with all the combos, zones, unusual enchanting system, gemming and wheel of fate spinning, which takes away the attention from a very unusual feature of the game.

The Asian fantasy MMO is off to a great start in the US and Europe, and there’s already a host of new content to explore. Blade & Soul from NCSOFT’s Team Bloodlust is an MMO about vengeance and redemption, set against a backdrop of Asian fantasy in a beautifully crafted online world. On the back of great success in Korea and China the game has launched fully localized for Europe and the US, attracting over two million players just three weeks after launch. MMO fans have been wowed by the game’s martial arts inspired combat and Wind walker movement, which many will recognize from classic martial arts film such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

For me, this previously mentioned awkward feeling arrived around level 25-8. I was mainly focusing on improving my weapon, my precious dagger that I kept evolving, being lucky enough that all the necessary follow-ups dropped from the equivalent instances. Accessories also gained my attention after a while, but something was missing. The Soul Shields eventually turned out to be rather irritating and highly unusual, and this realization pointed to the weirdest of decisions I have ever encountered made by some of the game’s developers, and that was the complete, utter uselessness of the various armor pieces.

Players can now also improve their characters with the addition of the Hongmoon Level system in Blade & Soul. Those players that are at the current level cap of 45 can complete a quest to start earning these levels. More skill points are earned through the system, providing players with more power. That power might be needed for players willing to test their mettle against the seven single-player floors of Mushin’s Tower. With each floor more difficult than the one before it, players will have to truly master their class to earn the Tower’s rewards.

Blade & Soul players will also notice a selection of new costumes in the Hongmoon Store. blade & soul gold Players can purchase NCoin with real money to buy new costumes like the Scarlet Bird outfit or new outfits for the Summoner’s cat companion. A number of weapon skins themed around candy and romance are also in the store right now in celebration of Valentine’s Day. A couple of costumes are leaving the Hongmoon Store on February 12 with two new fiery red costumes on the same day. Those new costumes are also coming to the game as part of the Valentine’s Day festivities in Blade & Soul.

Players can complete quests now to collect roses used to transmute a new gem that will recover the players’ health over time after evading. Red roses are earned from daily quests while white roses can be earned through dynamic quests. I am sure the devs wanted to seem extremely creative and radical, but this move beats all brave innovational attempts I have seen so far, but not in a positive way. It often turns out to be fruitful for the MMO industry when companies attempt to bring innovational ideas, like Rift’s multirole classes or Tera’s political system and even Guild Wars 2’s dynamic events.