A new generation of action-packed strategy card games

More Legends: Two new playable Legends will emerge with Venescula the Vampyre entering the fray as Chronicle’s fifth playable character, bringing 30+ new cards and a brand new way to play with her – blood will be spilt! The sixth Legend to be introduced is Morvan, the greatest Slayer Master that players can lead through his own monstrous style of questing. It’s just two weeks until we officially throw open the doors to Chronicle’s Hall of Legends on 26th May, and its launch on Steam is only the beginning for what we have planned.

The Steam launch of Chronicle will mark the arrival a new generation of action-packed strategy card games, one that sees players fighting their own cards in a quest for supremacy over their rival. We want to make new interesting games, and that’s what people want to play, new interesting games. So that was the key thing for us when we started, is a new cool mechanic, a new way to play CCGs, and that’s how it started out, and whilst the core mechanic’s different we’ve also kept things that people would, you know, associate with core traditional CCGs, the way the cards are laid out, the way you buy packs.

All of those things that you’re gonna expect to see with a CCG we have within Chronicle, but the core experience is very different and very unique. Players turn out in their thousands to vote on key decisions that genuinely affect which parts of the game get worked on. In 2013, a poll was opened allowing them to buy rs gold decide whether to bring back the 2007 version of the game. It was quickly passed and RuneScape Old School was born, letting players relive their nostalgic memories of early RuneScape by resurrecting its former state. Delivering a step-change in traditional CCG gameplay, almost every predictable card game mechanic has been thrown out the window in favour of Chronicle’s unique twist on the genre.

We’ve already introduced brand new cards every week, increased rewards, balancing improvements, and there’s even more content planned for the months to come,” said James Sweatman, lead designer, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. “We’d like to thank the many tens of thousands of cunning card tacticians who have helped us in open beta with feedback to refine the Chronicle’s unique CCG gameplay mechanics. For our existing open beta players, runescape gold and anyone who signs up over the weekend.

RuneScape’s initial growth was spurred on by one of its biggest appeals: accessibility. Because it ran in a browser, the game could be played anywhere on practically any machine, including your mom’s old dust-ridden desktop. We’re offering up three free card packs so they can build their decks ready to take on new rivals at launch. Now that MassiveolyOp’s MJ has tested out all of the available legends, in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, she can focus on her favorites: the magic-using Ariane and the vampiric Vanescula. Both have some fun abilities, and MJ needs to collect even more more cards to round out their decks. That means she must earn levels by beating opponents into submission.