Black desert online is an open game

Black Desert Online wird am 18. Februar seine Server für die zweite Phase der geschlossenen Beta öffnen und erneut jede Menge Spieler mit seiner fantastischen Grafik entzücken. Das koreanische MMORPG hat aber mehr als bloße Optik zu bieten. Upcoming Korean MMO Black Desert Online has been making waves for quite a while now. The game is already in closed beta in Korea and Russia, and so the trickle of information coming from it has meant people have been eager for a while now to get their hands on the fully translated and tweaked western release.

The excitement in the air was palpable when ArcheAge was released. I mean let’s be honest – people were so excited they were going out and buying the $150 founder packs. There was lots of hype surrounding it, everyone thought it was going to be the next big thing – myself included! Of course I didn’t buy a founder pack -and we all played the game as soon as it was released. Now it could foreshadow vulnerability for Clinton in Wisconsin, the next Northern battleground primary. The beta will see improvements from the already available Korean and Russian betas, such as additions the character creation (which is already ridiculously in-depth).

New weather systems, balance changes and more. There will also be a PVP component in the beta, with the level cap roughly halved to make things fairer for the rush of players. The extensive crafting system, trade routes, pets that you can train to become mounts, land ownership and various other elements of this game made it seem extremely attractive. So how come the excitement surrounding ArcheAge just died down after a while? When did the positive reviews turn negative? Did the use of ArcheAge decrease because it’s ‘time was up’? Or did users simply feel that it entailed the same old concepts as other MM games? Was the sandbox elements and theme park MMORPG becoming boring?

Black Desert Online is an upcoming open world MMO from a black desert daum cash Korean developer Pearl Abyss. It’s a game that depicts two warring countries who live on either side of a vast desert, as they fight over the vital resource Black Stone. The class-based RPG is looking pretty good, too, according to the screenshots, and will feature trading, epicsiege combat, and real estate management (which I hope means housing and settlement building, not endless strata meetings and threats about keeping pets). Seit die erste Beta-Phase von Black Desert Online zu Ende gegangen war, fieberndie Fans der Wiedereröffnung der Server entgegen. Immerhin konnte das koreanische MMORPG bereits in den ersten Tests durchaus überzeugen.

Ein aktives actionreiches Kampfsystem, welches durch die fantastische Grafik sehr gut in Szene gesetzt wird, ebenso wie das Handwerk, das mit hohem Tiefgang daherkommt. Lediglich die etwas umständliche Steuerung und das Interface ließen noch etwas zu wünschen übrig. Daum Games has announced that Black Desert Online’s second and final Closed Beta Test will begin on February 18th. Players who have pre-ordered the Explorer’s or Conqueror’s package will be automatically entered in the Beta, while others can apply for access in early February. More details about the second Closed Beta Test, including end date, improvements over the first Beta, and special events, will be revealed at a later stage.

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