The global competitive ecology of Onmyoji Arena will also be gradually established

NetEase is releasing the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena installment, Onmyoji Arena,  one of its renowned Onmyoji series’ games, on April 27th on the Apple App Store in Southeastern Asia.

As early as April 2018, the Asian servers of “Onmyojiarena” had already achieved good results and once ranked at the top of the Taiwan Apple Store. It also ranked among the top lists in Thailand and Vietnam, with good performance on multiple lists, marking an excellent start in Asia.

In June 2018, the international version of completed Beta testing, winning the favor of many European and American game players. As an MOBA game launched by NetEase, the launch of the international servers will bring more global game players together to truly realize the global game intercommunication.

One of the most significant merits of the Onmyoji series is its out-of-this-world voice acting. Together with the exotically elegant Heian art style and gorgeous 3D model-building, NetEase is able to authentically reconstruct the Kyoto city and the Shikigami of Heian Period in Onmyoji Arena. If you want to know where to buy Onmyoji Arena Items, will be your best choice.

The amulet system is cast-away in Onmyoji Arena. Players can now create their own combinations of Onmyoji’s abilities (Onmyodo) for free, customizing the skillset to fulfill the potential of their Shikigami. In-game purchases will not affect the combat stats of the Shikigami in Onmyoji Arena, making strategies and controls the most important factors to win.

The strength of Shikigamis is carefully evened out while giving them unique features and abilities. Every Shikigami is useful in some situation. Each one of them has four abilities and two spells. Combinations and the timing of casting the spells are crucial. The innovative map design works perfectly with the war fog, providing the exciting MOBA game experience. The global server allows players from all over the world to play with or against each other.

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