FIFA 15 now features purple items, more changes coming


For FIFA 15, the botters were doing something similar – having bots basically buy up players for as cheap as possible and then selling them at a slightly higher price. After making so much money, the coin sellers would sell off or trade-off their earnings for real cash. These middle-market institutions have been around a while and it’s a bit shocking to me that EA didn’t expect to encounter them, especially after having several MMOs under their belt, including Star Wars: The Old Republic.Ultimate Team roster, tournament trophies, in-game items, fifa 16 coins account Points, and in-game currency can be shared between Xbox 360 & Xbox One, and between PlayStation3 & PlayStation4. Fans will also be able to carryover their FIFA Points from FIFA 14 on to FIFA 15 once. If you have been a victim of this issue, keep an eye on your Origin email address or EA SPORTS Football Club News Alerts for an update on the fix and your new pack. After the issues has been resolved, your untradeable packs will arrive within the next few days.

We recently ran into a technical issue that prevented us from properly resolving stuck content (player items or coins) for the FIFA Ultimate Team accounts of a small number of FIFA fans. We are now able to review these select few accounts, and we will be working to unstick these items for the affected FIFA fans.Although some honest players used this feature to trade with friends, it became one of the methods used by coin sellers to sell and move coins. Account phishers also abused Trade Offers by moving stolen players and coins after wrongfully gaining access to unsuspecting buy cheap fifa 15 coins player accounts.The next football sim is already in development, and we might see an official announcement before the E3 2015 event, with fans probably asked to vote on the athlete who will grace the cover.No details have been offered on how the Ultimate Team mode will evolve and whether any of the changes tested with the current version of the title will be included.

The German goalkeeper picks up a deserved in-form card after holding out Dortmund’s attacking presence in their weekend league fixture. The improvements on his card are all in the important areas when compared to the original, standard card. Ratings wise he has increased by just a point, whilst his kicking and speed attributes have remained the same. His diving statistic has increased by three, making him obviously better at saving, whilst his reflexes also increasing by three will improve the chances of close range or multiple saves. His handling and positioning are also three higher, handling improvement reducing the risk of dropping or spilling the ball, whilst his positioning increase will increase the chances of saving further.There is no need to pre-order if you want to buy buy fifa 16 coins on day one, but you can score some bonus items with retail and digital FIFA 15 pre-orders. We aren’t seeing many FIFA 15 deals right now, but if you need to save on your purchase we have an idea when you’ll be able to buy.

The goalkeeper that EA Sports has chosen because of better than expected performances is Diego Alves.Gamers who pick up the Team of the Week can also get access to seven substitutes, which tend to become offers on the transfer market relatively quickly in order to fund other potential purchases.At the same time, the newly introduced Price Range concept will be tweaked on all platforms in order to make sure that the transfer market is as fair as possible.The development team says that it currently has no plans to sell coins directly to those engaged in the BUY FUT 16 COINS  mode.