Fortnite Season 5 has introduced Double Pump

Buy Fortnite Accounts Fortnite Season 5 has introduced a couple of new shotguns into the game. The first is the Dragon’s Breath which is widely considered the game’s weakest shotgun. It has nice features and deals decent damage but the magazine size and reload speed hold it back.

The Dragon’s Breath is arguably the weakest shotgun in the game. It’s technically a pistol that shoots like a double-barrel shotgun. It looks cool deals decent damage and has some interesting tricks but the slow reload speed and limited magazine size let it down.

The Dedoubleur on the other hand is a revival of an old classic. It is a true double barrel shotgun with an impressive recoil effect.

This weapon can only be purchased from an NPC. Since it comes at a steep Cheap Fortnite Accounts price it will be some time before Fortnite players can afford it in part. But it will definitely be a popular choice especially due to one amazing feature (or glitch).

The shotgun cooldown timer is a feature that was introduced during the first Chapter of Fortnite. It’s meant to keep players from Double Pumping a strategy that involves picking up two Pump Shotguns and quickly switching between each one after firing.

This cooldown doesn’t seem to apply to The Dub. Players can use it alongside a Tac or Charge without worrying about any delay as shown by YouTuber OrangeGuy below.

Later in the season as Gold stashes begin to grow we’ll probably see more and more players rocking The Dub and other Exotic weapons – especially if this feature or glitch remains in the game.

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