How to win back possession in FIFA 16

There’s no doubt that defending on FIFA 16 this year has been made extremely difficult by EA and you’re going to have to be a tight unit at the back in-order to be successful. Preparing your Best Defense is on of the way to win matches in FIFA 16. Understanding the correct tackle to use and know when to sprint are two essential in limiting goal-scoring opportunities for your opponent in the game. Various techniques like jockey, push/pull, and slide tackling always helps against the toughest players. This guide will help you understand the basic and advanced defending tactics to improve your defense possession.

The first thing we need to talk about is the controls and they’re very simple. FIFA 16 coins  On the Xbox you should to hold down LT without the ball to jockey and L2 on PlayStation. To run jockey you hold down both triggers LT/RT or L2/R2 but it’s not as effective as the standard version. What you want to be doing is letting the attackers come towards you doing either skill moves or that wiggling movement and then jockeying backwards waiting for the right time to put in a stand tackle to claim the ball back. This is by far the most overpowered way of defending in FIFA 16 and it’s extremely effective. EA Sports made key improvements on offense in FIFA 16, but the developers also paid attention to the defense. If you have trouble preventing the other team from scoring goals, we’ll tell you how to shut down the opposition with them FIFA 16 defensive tips.

Use your key players
If we are using a team such as Italy, for example, we try to focus all our play in the midfield through Pirlo. He has a great vision field and rarely will misplace or over hit passes. This is crucial, to your success. If Pirlo is playing the ball then you know that it is going to be of good enough quality for the player receiving the ball to get hold of it and then make his next pass or have a shot etc. A player of the quality of Pirlo or Schweinsteiger of Man Utd will be able to keep your play ticking over or pick that crucial through ball out from most areas on the pitch.

In order to succeed on defense in FIFA 16,  cheap FUT coins you need to understand and then utilize the jockey feature. Press and hold LT or L2 to send a defender into the jockey position. This lets the player square up to the attacker while automatically locking onto the ball should the offensive player come within range. Jockey when you don’t have a good opportunity to attempt a tackle. This will keep the action in front of your defenders and contain the other team. Your player will become more aggressive on D and increase the chance of making a great play on the ball.

Having a comprehensive understanding of how to play FIFA 16 will benefit gamers greatly. However, learning how to beat formations in FIFA 16 is probably the most critical aspect of improving one’s game play. Regardless of your style, using the right pieces, suited to the perfect formation, will yield the best results in FIFA 16. Full FIFA has compiled a complete go-to guide for countering formations in FIFA 16. Every formation has its strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately, having a balanced squad may be more ideal in this version of the game. With the new passing dynamics, it will almost be pivotal to more than on out-and-out striker. The defending is harder and goals are more challenging to score. Attacking support is going to be the key to being successful in FIFA 16.