Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is now in hand for layers soon

Buy Kingdom Hearts MOM Coins Action-adventure game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is now in hand for layers soon. Gamers during pandemic have expected a lot from gaming platforms to have experience more during the period. So the wait is over and here we are sharing all specialties of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory which is the 14th installment of this game.

The melody of Memory is also set after Kingdom Hearts III’s Re Mind downloadable content scenario. The task of the direction of this game has been handled professionally by Tetsuya Nomura and Masanobu Suzuki. The company along with the developers started hinting at a new outing of the Kingdom Hearts series back in January of 2020. Tetsuya Nomura the creator of the game revealed its specifications later in June of 2020.

The demo only features English audio but it will allow players to change the subtitles to Arabic German English Italian French and Spanish. The file size comes out to 579.94 MB on the PlayStation 4 and Square Enix revealed the six songs that will be available in the demo once it releases. For the most part each track comes from a different Kingdom Hearts title with the original game being the only exception. The song list includes:

Welcome to Wonderland (Kingdom Hearts 1)
Hand in Hand (Kingdom Hearts 1)
The Rustling Forest (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)
Wave of Darkness I (Kingdom Hearts: 0.2 Birth By Sleep)
Sinister Shadows (Kingdom Hearts 2)
All For One (Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance)

In Kingdom Hearts II places such as Beast’s Castle from Beauty and the Beast and Cheap Kingdom Hearts MOM Coins Halloween Town from Nightmare Before Christmas appeared. And most recently Kingdom Hearts III brought in some favorite Disney characters from both animated classics such as The Lion King and Pixar favorites including Toy Story and Monsters Inc.

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