Newest Madden NFL 18 Player Training Strategy

EA Sports recently released the player rating update for Madden NFL 18. Marcedes Lewis got the title improvement of 5 points, Kareem Hunt for 2 points, and Russell Wilson for 1 points. While Joe Flacco, Derek Carr, Jay Ajayi received their reduction from one to two points individually.

If you’ve been playing Madden 18’s Ultimate Team you’re probably well aware of the issues plaguing the online mode. Not only is MUT experiencing disconnect issues, but there’s also an exploit in which players are able to unfairly win head to head games by intentionally disconnected .

As EA Sports has announced the #4 tweak of player rating, we should have to notice the trend of player’s inflation and depression correspondently. Once you spend great fortune to buy a decent player card, you will never expect his OVR get depressed right? So squad building should include this issue as well. In-form cards will always be first choice for gamers even if they are expensive. IF cards also have unique background color so its outstanding to be discovered in crowds.


If you are experiencing technical difficulties or disconnection glitch your opponent for any reason, you have up to 10 minutes after the scheduled challenge start time to inform EA Sports support team. After that time you risk being eliminated.

Whatsoever, EA is aware of the problems and have addressed player concerns in a post on their blog. The glad tidings are that EA is cracking down on the intentional exploiters, especially those in the competitive scene. As for the unintentional disconnect issues, EA is “diligently working” to identify the root of the issue and find a solution. Unfortunately, no answer yet.

Players must complete their match within the scheduled amount of time or both players will be given a loss. If you complete a challenge but the reporting period has expired, results and evidence must be emailed immediately afterwards. We will try best to ensure that the winner moves on to the following round.

There’re two ways for you to train or build your squad, first is to gamble the card pack from the beginning, second is to save for a legend card in transfer market. Once you start your pack gambling journey, you will receive many of gold or silver cards that you needn’t currently. Exchange them for coins and cast it back to pack gambling. Sometimes you may got an elite player but you’ve already got one for the position, you can benefit from it a lot. This ways is not stable but full of surprise and exciting.

By save for a certain elite, you need to endure the lengthy waiting and endless repetitive challenges for enough storage. Once you get enough coins for the card, you will get it without accident. But this way isn’t suitable for irritable gamers.

In reality, player always get an unique nickname for their ferocious or tranquil performance. During just 6 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, he won a rushing title, was named AFC Offensive Player of the Year, made 2 Pro Bowls, and retired as the Chief’s leading rusher. He was famous for his powerful running style and near impossibility to tackle.

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