Pokemon Go allows players to purchase Pokecoins to catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go online shop is a free but features an in-game shop that allows players to purchase Pokecoins using real money, and then spend those on items that can be used to catch Pokemon.

Players begin the game with a balance of zero Pokecoins and as of yet it isn’t clear if or how you acquire these in-game. Those that purchase some, however, can then use them to buy additional Poke Balls, Incense, Egg Incubators, and Eggs. Poke Balls are thrown at wild Pokemon to catch them. Players have a healthy stock of them from the outset, and more can be acquired by interacting with landmarks called Poke Stops.

Incense, meanwhile, is described as a “mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes.” Eggs hatch into new Pokemon, but need to be placed in the Egg Incubator to do so.
Pokemon Go is launching now but is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. We’ve taken a look at the in-game shop and listed how much money you can spend on Pokecoins, as well as how many of the coins you need to acquire items, below. Please not that these prices are in Australian dollars. We’ll update this post with more currencies as the prices in other regions become known.

100 Pokecoins: $1.49
550 Pokecoins: $7.99
1200 Pokecoins: $14.99
2500 Pokecoins: $30.99
5200 Pokecoins: $62.99
14500 Pokecoins: 159.99

20 Poke Balls: 100 Pokecoins
100 Poke Balls: 460 Pokecoins
200 Poke Balls: 800 Pokecoins
Incense: 80 Pokecoins
8 Incense: 500 Pokecoins
25 Incense: 1250 Pokecoins
Lucky Egg: 80 Pokecoins
8 Lucky Eggs: 500 Pokecoins
25 Lucky Eggs: 1250 Pokecoins
Lure Module: 100 Pokecoins
8 Lure Modules: 680 Pokecoins
Egg Incubator: 150 Pokecoins

If the game isn’t out in your region but you’re desperate to play it, you can use this guide on how to download Pokemon Go early. This is only possible on Android devices, however. Learn more about the game with this feature on the 6 essential Pokemon Go facts.