Strongest Career Analysis and Which Occupation is the Best in MapleStory M

The potential occupation means that the early stage is weak, and in the late stage, the double knives fully conform to this feature. In the early stage, due to the limitations of skills and attribute points, the strength of the double knives is still weak, and it is in the hang up and playing BOSS. There is no advantage to the other two professions. So the double-knife early stage has become a nightmare for many players.

After the double-knife arrived in the late stage, after learning the sudden attack, it was really starting to rise. The sudden attack skill was basically a full-screen attack, which also made the efficiency of the double-knife players come up at once, and used almost full-screen attack mode. The knife can find a safe place to hang up, which means that the defense is not enough, you can easily hang the mushroom city and the city of Lions. So this is what other two professions can’t do. The angel is still very strong in the early stage, but the early stage skin is relatively brittle, and may be slightly insufficient on the hook.

Best in MapleStory M

However, in the later stage, the angel’s tornado has a wide range of skills, and the attack power is very high. The multi-segment attack method can generally produce super high damage. Therefore, angels can be regarded as a profession with good potential in the later period.

In terms of career choices, many players only value the early stage strength, while some players value the potential. If you cherished this article and also you would like to obtain more info concerning Cheap Maple Story M Mesos generously visit our site. If it is potential, the double knife is definitely the most promising career. We saw the strongest professional recommendation. we don’t know if you have a choice. Of course, it is best to choose your favorite career.

Because the players automatically route through the path, the task quickly reaches level 60, but after 60th level, the problem is coming! How do we solve it? Almost many players should know that the Lv1 – 60 level is upgraded quickly through the mission, but the 60 level experience After 70%-61 experience value 70%, we can only blame. The most effective strategy for Korean players to date is to brush the copy. Although brushing the copy, there is very little experience, but this is the most effective method at present.

Players may feel that they only have 30 minutes to enter the copy only 30 minutes after entering the dungeon. It feels a little embarrassing. However, after entering the copy, the players do not need to spend, this 30 minutes. We play for a while, we feel very tired It doesn’t take time to re-enter the copy.

If the players are Lv 60 or higher, the equipment that should be used by everyone is Lv 54-58 level equipment, level 60 weapons, but in order to smoothly copy the copy, start equipment and weapon reinforcement. When you copy a copy, the player can get a lot of drugs, so we recommend that if the player feels that he has more drugs, sell it in the store, then, at the store, check out the other equipment you need.

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