How to complete the Flashback Robben SBC and a solution

EA Sports added an 88-rated Flashback version of Arjen Robben from Groningen to FIFA 21 on Friday, Jan. 1. This item is available through the squad-building challenge (SBC) menu in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

How to complete the Flashback Robben SBC
To complete this challenge, FIFA players will need to build one starting lineup of 11 players. This lineup, which will be in the 3-4-3 formation, will need to meet five different requirements that were set forth by EA Sports. So, let’s go over the requirements for this particular Squad Building Challenge:
How to complete the Flashback Robben SBC
Starting players – 11
Netherlands players – Min. 1
Team of the Week players – Min. 1
Team Overall Rating – Min. 85
Team Chemistry – Min. 75
Flashback Robben SBC
This challenge will probably cost you a shade over 130,000 Coins, thanks to the 85 OVR requirement, as well as the fact that at least one Team of the Week card is required. If you need a solution, here’s one that could help you out:

ST: Wolves ST Raul Jimenez (84 OVR)
LW: TOTW Al Ahli ST Omar Al Soma (84 OVR)
RW: Manchester City RW Bernardo Silva (87 OVR)
LM: Frankfurt LM Filip Kostic (83 OVR)
RM: SL Benfica RM Pizzi (84 OVR)
LCM: Manchester United CM Donny van de Beek (83 OVR)
RCM: Wolves CM Joao Moutinho (83 OVR)
LCB: M’gladbach CB Matthias Ginter (82 OVR)
MCB: Tottenham Hotspur CB Toby Alderweireld (85 OVR)
RCB: SL Benfica CB Jan Vertonghen (83 OVR)
GK: Bayern Munich GK Manuel Neuer (89 OVR)

Here are some of the most economical possible solutions. We remind you that it is always better to use the players already present in your club first and especially if they are not Tradable as you will never be able to make a profit in Coins.

Here goes the full statistic, as you can see from Futbin.

    Pace 93
Acceleration 94
Sprint Speed 93
    Shooting 87
Positioning 85
Finishing 87
Shot Power 88
Long Shots 90
Volleys 86
Penalties 80
    Passing 80
Vision 80
Crossing 80
Free Kick 82
Short Passing 82
Long Passing 74
Curve 90
    Dribbling 90
Agility 85
Balance 92
Reactions 80
Ball Control 91
Dribbling 92
Composure 92
    Defense 54
Interceptions 54
Heading 74
Def. Awareness 47
Standing Tackle 38
Sliding Tackle 37
    Physical 70
Jumping 56
Stamina 85
Strength 74
Aggression 46

Cards via FUTBIN. This challenge will expire on January 15, 2021.

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EA have made improvements to the features, gameplay, and content of each Season of fifa mobile

Recently, Konami launched PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) Mobile 2021 for the fans who have been enjoying the game on their smartphones. As a result, now EA Sports is all set to launch the mobile version of the biggest football simulation game apart from PES i.e. they will be launching FIFA Mobile 2021. The previous version of the game has been reset already and the game was under maintenance for a long time. EA Sports had launched the game on 2nd November.

In this new season of FIFA Mobile, EA have made improvements to the features, gameplay, and content of each Season, while maintaining everything that the users love about the game. While a new Season gives you the opportunity to build a new squad, the ability to play with your Legacy team will still be available.

While the current Season hasn’t ended yet, be sure to raise your team’s OVR as high as you can. Remember that Player OVRs, as well as their attributes, within your Legacy Team are going to be locked once the new Season starts. In addition, be sure that your Active Lineup has 11 players in order for it to be carried to the Legacy Team. Finally, choose well since you also won’t be able to change the formation of your Legacy Team once the new season begins.
fifa mobile
Taking a cue from EA’s Madden NFL Mobile, which received a similar update earlier this year, FIFA Mobile now features real-time PvP. With this new mode, you can now compete in authentic 11v11 soccer, head to head with other players around the world in real time. EA warns that you can only participate in this mode if you have a mobile device that meets the minimum spec requirement.

Before the game went under maintenance for update of the new version, the transfer market was closed. EA stated that it will open only after the new season starts. They were going to cancel all the live listings as the players would return to their owners. Talking about the bids that you had already made, you were going to get the amount of coins you bid. There will also be a carryover of some items whereas some will be reset to 0.If you need fifa mboile coins,maybe can help you!

A new game engine also means improved physics and refined animations on the pitch. As previously detailed, the upgraded physics engine “creates real physicality between players, with realistic jostles and interactions.” New skill moves like “the step over, lane change and heel-to-heel,” have also been added while existing moves, like rainbow and roulette, have received updated animations.

Another major new feature is team Chemistry for Ultimate Team. This allows for in-game boosts when you have players from the same real-world club, league, nationality, or live program in your starting XI. The roster includes players from over 550 real teams and you’ll be able to set strategies to complement your lineup ahead of each match.

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