The Announcement of Another Popular Pokemon Myth

Let’s love the game and enjoy life. Recently, the universal super-popular mobile game “Pokemon remake” continued to hit another high popularity. Data on a variety of topics about the game continued to exposure,¬† we selected several very interesting topic about the “Pokemon remake “. we will announce them in the following.

(1) The Announcement of Another popular fantastic animal myth
During the test of “Pokemon remake”, thousands of players “besieged” animal in the game map, its so unprecedented. Among them, the Emperor became the most popular fantasy animal in the most vocal players’ mind. Players and fans gathered, wandering in the bushes map, eventually hugged Yan and return happily.

(2) Create animal carnival of one million card feedback
In order to repay the majority of fans and players, the official activity is sparing no effort and generous. During the test, the players can get Snorlax as long as the cumulative loging for seven days. During this time a total of one million Snorlax was taken away with lots of surprises and benefits. This game will bring you to join an exciting game trip with 3D map of the scene, lots of gameplay methods and more powerful Meng Chong.

(3) The remodling of pocket feeling  for the flash wizard
“Pokemon remake” bring to a big carnival with millions of fans. They gathered together to recollect their childhood memories. Flash wizard become the most vocal dream team as super-rare in players’ mind. Super performance value, cool looks, ultra-rare number of it have become the most important reason. Remodeling pocket feelings, open the wizard adventure now.