The Cheapest FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Player

One of the most satisfying feelings in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is saving up for that one special player that is perfect for your squad.

Obviously, you’ll probably never make enough to buy Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo but it’s fine becuase you don’t need them. There are plenty of sensational players that are also easy to save up for. We’ve searched through the top players and found the cheapest for every rating from 85 to 89.


89: Gianluigi Buffon – 50,000 coins

Topping this list is Italy and Juventus legend Gianluigi Buffon. His international career may have ended on a sour note but there’s no denying that he is still a phenomenal player.

There are only two goalkeepers rated higher in the game: Manuel Neuer and David De Gea. Unless you want to spend upwards of 150k, Buffon is your man. Even Thibaut Courtois, who is also 89 rated, costs a lot more at 71k. It really puts into perspective what a steal Buffon is at this price.

88: Mesut Ozil  Р36,500 coins

Getting onto the pricier players, Mesut Ozil is still pretty cheap all things considered. The Arsenal playmakers is one of the best passers in the game, his 92 vision means he’ll find through balls you didn’t even consider possible.

His price may be lower than usual because of his lack of pace but honestly, buy a cheap and fast striker like Michail Antonio to pair him with and you won’t even notice it.

87: Andres Iniesta – 28,000 coins

The Barcelona legend is still on top of his game and would be a great addition to any midfield.

When it comes to star players, 28k is still pretty cheap. After a week of casual play you should be able to afford him. And believe us, it’ll be worth the wait.¬† The silky Spaniard links up play beautifully plus his dribbling and passing means he’s create numerous chances for you every game.

86: Petr Cech – 16,500 coins

The cheapest player on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team who is rated 86 overall is Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech.

Defending is incredibly difficult on FIFA 18 so having a safe pair of hands between the post can be priceless. Fortunately for you, Cech won’t cost you much but he will save you multiple matches with his superb stats.

85: Stephane Ruffier – 8,000 coins

If you want to try something different, there are plenty of brilliant players in Ligue 1 that don’t play for Paris Saint-Germain.

Stephane Ruffier is one of the best goalkeepers in the game, making a 8,000 coins an absolute steal! His 87 reflexes means it’s going to take something special for your opponent to score against you.