We are calling for an open FIFA Ultimate Team market

The fan community for FIFA 16 has been talking about the Team of the Season release for Ultimate Team for a few months now, but it seems that the development team at EA Sports is at the moment delaying its release in order to make more security-focused changes. However, this feature removes all complexity from the Transfer Market. buy fifa points If players cannot rise and fall naturally (for example St. Patricks Day) then people’s profits have been minimized. The market now has a limited amount of skill involved. Many people have bought players for more than what you think that they are ‘worth’ and you have removed a large amount of strategy from the market.

You have removed unpredicted rises and falls (such as the retirement of Thierry Henry) from the market. You have removed the metagame. Ultimate Team is the most popular multiplayer mode for the FIFA series, and the company has suggested that it will tweak some of its core mechanics in the coming months. When we bought the game the price range was not included so we did not get what we payed for. Price ranges have simply ruined the market this year and no matter what Ea do as long as these price ranges are on Fifa 15 the market will be ruined, I can’t even sell my Ronaldo at minimum price having listed god knows how many times.

We are calling for an open Fifa Ultimate Team market that is not restricted by the price ranges implemented by EA Sports. Not only is this a breach of our freedoms as consumers, but it is an entirely egocentric move by EA to further draw profit from FUT. We call for this change for a range of reasons. The changes consisted of a new price ranges on all players in FUT, which means every player can only be sold for a price with in a specific range, and made accessing the transfer market via the webpage or companion app impossible, all in a bid to stop illegitimate coin sellers and farmers who.


EA claimed, were “harming your experience” as they inflated the market by flooding the economy with fraudulent in-game currency. This led to the rise in cost of players, making the highest rated players hard to attain. This does not prevent but increases the chance of people buying coins through the black marktet because making a profit is almost impossible. The top players like Messi, Ronaldo and Robben aren’t even for sale anymore. It also very likely that some rare players will never be for sale again. It has become impossible to make a profit in the market which was just a lot of fun to do.

Their intention seems to be to test a range of changes that might then be part of the next installment in the franchise. fifa coins EA Sports aims to make sure that Ultimate Team is as safe as possible for those who use it and that no one is tempted to try and buy coins in order to get access to content. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team has been plagued with coin buying, which entails the business of selling coins at a cheaper price than EA provides ‘points’, a currency that can only be used to purchased packs. In order to combat coin buying.

EA has disabled the Web App and Companion App (two ways for bots to sell coins) and disperse account bans on a regular basis. However, EA has released the new ‘Price Ranges’ feature to FIFA Ultimate Team today. You can read about it here. Basically it sets all players to a certain, preceded amount in order to. The announcement comes from the official site of the game and explains that the studio has been working hard to keep the popular game mode both fun and fair in the long term.