We are trying to get the right cards to build the best team

Buying packs is something that most of the community does at least once. But it is not as simple as it seems. You have to know which packs to buy and when to time buying. If you want to go deeper, you also should know if buying packs is the right decision and what you can do to pay less for them. All these questions and much more are answered in our buying packs guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Last year, FIFA 16 looked incredible. At times, you could be playing the game when someone would fifa coins pass through the room and mistake it for a TV broadcast. Not content with that, EA Canada has gone further than ever before by adding even more visual flare to the presentation.

Now in FIFA 16, at the beginning of a match you’ll hear about players making their debut appearance, including how much they transferred for, or even key players’ head-to-head stats. In the middle of a game, you might hear about a breaking transfer, or even have statistics appear that show what has happened while you were playing. It’s a wonderful time of year for footie fans. The annual football game competition is upon us and we’re all excited to get our favourite game and play it to within an inch of its life, which is exactly what we’ve been doing.

Thankfully, competition breeds an environment that makes things better, and FIFA 16 is superb this year, thanks to a handful of improvements – both large and small – which all add up to make for an excellent game of football, with something for every player type. We’ve been taking the game for a kickabout ahead of release and here are eight ways one of the biggest selling games has become even better. With subtle turns and walking-pace football, slide tackles become less potent. You’ll know you’ve got the rhythm just right when your opponent’s defensive approach begins to look like a re-enactment of the iconic ice scene from Bambi.


There have been some ridiculous omissions over the years when it comes to FIFA. The lack of pre-season tournaments may seem minor, but when the game is so life-like everywhere else, it’s the smaller things that break immersion. This year, wonderfully, the tournaments make their debut. It’s a brilliant chance to try out some of your young players. Our Arsenal squad was playing against Dortmund, but being a ‘friendly’ tournament, it was an opportunity to try out youth prospect Joel Campbell on the wing and discover that his rapid pace can change a game.

When you make a purchase, you are giving something to get another thing in exchange. If you bought it, it is because in your opinion the thing you are giving is less important than the one you are purchasing. The problem in Ultimate Team is that you do not know what is inside the pack you are buying. There is no way to know if the exchange will be profitable to you. You have expectations in relation to the purchase but you do not know if they will be met. It is possible to pay packs with coins or with FIFA Points. In the first scenario, your expectation is to pull cards whose market value exceeds the price of the packs. In other words, you want to make profit. This rarely happens.

A good first touch is equally as important as the quality of the pass that came before it. fifa 16 coins Your initial contact with the ball should always set up the next part of a move, either creating space or establishing an angle for the next pass. Try not to sprint as you receive a pass to feet: this can lead to awkward bounces and extra touches, though it’s less of an issue if you’re running onto a pass into space. Packs are one of the most important things in this game since they make it possible to introduce the cards into the game. Without them, there would be no cards and without cards FUT 16 would not exist. It is as simple as that.