Xbox 360 backwards compatibility is coming soon

If you’re a former Xbox 360 owner who has upgrade to an Xbox One, or a fan older Xbox 360 title floating around, then Xbox One’s Backward Compatibility is probably your friend. Quite a few titles run on the Xbox One that weren’t originally designed for it. The implementation of Xbox One’s backward compatibility feature is sometimes a little problematically, however, Microsoft has pledged to keep them coming. We’ve been waiting for January’s list of new compatible titles, and it seems that the Xbox team is still hard at work fleshing out a list.

In November 2015, Microsoft made a select number of disc-based and downloadable Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox one. Now, after Microsoft’s first backwards compatibility update in December 2015, there are more than 120 Xbox 360 games that run on the console. That seems like a lot, but with more than 1,000 titles in the Xbox 360 library, fifa 16 points it isn’t easy to keep straight which games still work and which should stay in a box with your old 360.

What’s more, due to licensing agreements and potential development complications, the list of backwards-compatible games do not necessarily represent the essential Xbox 360 “canon.” There are some great games and some not-so-great ones. If you’re not familiar with Backward Compatibility itself, then here’s a quick overview. The feature was added in November’s New Xbox One Experience update, and has been a fan-favorite addition ever since. In a post on the topic, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley posted the response she got when she asked about the emulation and how it works.


The hit game Halo: Reach is part of the latest group of backward compatibility titles available on the Xbox 360, but it may not play as well as it did on the Xbox 360. A recent Reddit thread on the Xbox 360 subreddit has gathered plenty of evidence that Halo: Reach players aren’t playing the game they remembered. The tread, spotted by Kotaku, is titled “Halo Reach on Xbox 360 is pretty much unplayable” and the ensuing comments mostly seem to agree. I asked Microsoft officials for more information about the emulator and was provided with this statement by a spokesperson. However, the problems seem to be limited to some slow frame rates that could make aiming a little harder and a few broken textures, so it’s definitely still playable.

You can see in this video that, while the game might not look quite as good as it did on the original console, it’s still engaging. What we did was essentially built a virtual Xbox 360 console entirely in software. So when you launch a game via Xbox One Backward Compatibility, you’ll see that the game first starts up a virtual Xbox 360 console, then launches the title. The work is ongoing as each title requires individual packaging and validation work to enable that virtual console capability, but we’re committed to continually rolling out new titles each month.

An update could help patch up the game’s performance. fifa coins Or Microsoft may tweak the emulation engine that powers backward compatibility, improving problems found in many games. “We’re aware some users are experiencing issues playing Halo: Reach via Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility,” Microsoft told Geek Wire. “The Xbox engineering team is currently looking into the issues and are working to address them.” Reach is one of the newer games available for backward compatibility play on the Xbox 360, so it may struggle with the more advanced graphics.